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PhD students in Art History

Current PhD students

Katie Ault, ‘Material on the move: fourteenth-century Italian paintings in nineteenth-century Britain’. Funded by the AHRC CHASE Consortium.

Samuel Aylett - ‘Curating Empire in the 21st Century’ (co-supervision with History).

Bonnie Emmett – ‘‘Consider Her Palaces’: Housing for the new working woman in interwar London 1919-1939’.

Nick Garrard - ‘Ecclestiastical Art of the Fifteenth to Seventeenth Centuries from a Contextural/Liturgical Perspective’.

Emma Hardy – ‘Utopian collaboration? William Morris, Jeffrey & Co and the Morris & Co wallpapers 1864-c.1928’.

Jan Harthoorn - ‘Patronage, Production, Purpose and Provenance: An examination of an unpublished group of late fifteenth- and early sixteenth-century Illuminated Books of Hours at Alnwick Castle’.

Jill Howitt - ‘Contemporary Public Art in the North of England’.

Dawn Kanter – ‘Collecting and connecting portrait-sitting experiences: a re-evaluation of experiential feedback in enhancing knowledge and understanding of portraiture’.

Carolyn Kerr 'Performance, Seduction, Subversion: The Masquerade as spectacle and image in Second Empire Paris (1848-1870)'. Funded through the AHRC CHASE Consortium.

Jane Lamb - ‘The Commodification of the Celebrity Portrait: An analysis of photographic business practice in relation to image mass production in London, c. 1855-1865’.

Margaret Leeson - ‘The Image of the Beggar in Britain c. 1760 to 1815’.

Allan Norris - ‘On Figuration in the work of Post-Conceptual British women painters’. Funded by the AHRC CHASE Consortium.

Sarah Roberts, 'The decorations of "The Hall of the Liberal Arts" at the Trinci Palace, Foligno: a new way of presenting the Seven Liberal Arts?’.

Matthew Steele - ‘The Architectural Profession and its Engagement with Historic Places of Worship in England, 1945 to the Present’. Funded through the AHRC Empowering Design Practices project.

Amanda Stevens - ‘Home on the Rails: The design, fitting and decoration of train interiors in Britain, c.1920-1955’. Funded through an AHRC Collaborative Doctoral Award, with the Science Museum Group (National Railway Museum, York).

Angela Sutton-Vane - (History) co-supervision ‘The Material Culture of Murder Files: Police Archives as Text and Artefact’ (co-supervised with History).

John Workman - ‘What is Modernist art doing in an English Church/Cathedral? An investigation into the links between the English Church and Modernism between 1914 and 1970 with particular reference to Sussex’.


Recently completed PhDs

Siobhan McDermott - ‘Irish Travelling Artists: Ireland, Southern Asia and the British Empire 1760-1850’ (2019)

Antonio Fiore - ‘The Artist as an Instrument of Propaganda: Giulio Rosso and the Decorative Arts in Italy during the Fascist Ventennio’ (2017)

Nick Baker – ‘A Market of Reputations: The British Art-World 1975-90 and the Marketing of the 'New British Sculpture'’ (2015)

Mandy Bentley – ‘The Unknown Florine Stettheimer: Fame, Femininity and 'Salon Space'’ (2015)

Kevin Parker – ‘Elusive Translation: Film and Video in the work of Isaac Julien, Zineb Sedira and Alia Syed’ (2015)

Ben Pritchett – ‘British Neo-Constructivism between 1956 and 1978: Art and the Politics of Technoscientific Modernisation’ (2015)  

Laura Bolick – ‘Culture, Humanism and Intellect: Cardinal Bessarion as Patron of the Arts’ (2014)

Marjorie Corner – ‘The Work of William Giles (1830-1913): his Paintings and Photographs’ (2013)

Gilda Williams – ‘Modern Gothic’ (2012)

Heather Hanna – ‘Framing Hair: Serial Strategies in Contemporary' (2012)

Melody Mobus – ‘The Burford Masons, c. 1630-1730’ (2012)

Clare Taylor – ‘‘Figured Paper for Hanging Rooms’: The manufacture, design and consumption of wallpapers for English domestic interiors, c.1740-c.1800’ (2010)

Mahnaz Shah – ‘The Venice Hospital: an Investigation into its Structural Formulations’ (2010)

Stella Lewis – ‘El Greco and Colour’ (2009)

Nicolette Duckham – ‘Pride or Prejudice? Sir Herbert Baker’s Architectural Work in South Africa’ (MPhil) (2009)

Gwendolen Webster – ‘Kurt Schwitters’s Merzbau’ (2008)

Ekaterina Morozova – ‘American Art Criticism and the Crisis of Art History Writing, 1962-1967’ (2008)

Atta Kwami – ‘Modernist and Street Painting in Kumasi , 1950-2000’ (2007)

Mike Belshaw – ‘Art, Writing and Autobiography’ (2006)

Anna Green – ‘Growing up with Modernité: Representations of Childhood and Adolescence in French Painting, 1848-1886’ (2003)

Juan Jose Gomez Gutierrez – ‘Italian Communist Party Cultural Policies during the Post-war Period, 1944-1951’ (2003)

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