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Postgraduate Research in Classical Studies

Fresco in situ, comedy theatre scene, house of Quadretti Teatrali, Pompeii, Italy

As a postgraduate research student at the Open University you have the best of both worlds: You can work individually on a face-to-face level with supervisors like at other universities and participate in the full range of on-campus research, using the on-campus library and taking part in the Research School’s year-round programme of workshops, seminars and training for postgraduate students. You can, however, also study long-distance, benefiting from the vast Open University experience in this field and the latest communication technologies that mean you can be in regular contact with your supervisors. As a research student at the OU, you will have access to the OU library with its extensive collections of digital journals and books, as well as being able to become a member of a research library close to you through the SCONUL scheme.

Female musician and dancer. Neck of a plastic rhyton in the shape of a donkey's head. From Athens

Read about some of our PhD students’ work on our blog, such as Sian Beavers’ research on depictions of antiquity in film, TV and video games, or John Harrison’s conference on classical influences on the stately home and gardens of Stourhead.

We offer supervision for part-time and full-time research students. You will normally be required to have completed an MA before applying, although other relevant experience will be considered, so please get in touch with us if you think this applies to you. Research students in Classical Studies at the Open University are valued members of the discipline, and are part of a wider community of research students in the Arts Faculty and the University. Our academic staff have wide-ranging interests and are able to supervise students in a variety of topics. If you are interested in doing a PhD with us, it’s a good idea to contact potential supervisors in the discipline who will be delighted to talk about your plans with you. The deadline for applications for starting in October is mid-January of that year. Below you will find a list of links to information and advice on how to apply:

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