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Recently completed dissertations in History

Recently awarded research degrees:


Robert Hopps, Newspaper Reporting and Robbery in London,circa 1780-1830 (Supervisors: Paul Lawrence, Amanda Goodrich and Pete King)


Mia Ridge, Crowdsourcing, Participant Digitisation and the Geo-Location of Historical Materials (Supervisors: E Barker and Deborah Brunton; completed 2016)


Richard Duckett, The Special Operations Executives Impact on the War In Burma, 1941-1945 (Supervisors: Karl Hack and Annika Mombauer)

Gerry Colley, Electrifying the streets: the surface-contact controversy in five English towns 1880-1920 (Supervisors: Colin Chant and Deborah Brunton)


Vincent Trott, The First World War: History, Literature and Myth (Supervisors Annika Mombauer, Sara Haslam and Mr Jamie Andrews)


Jane Berney, The Contagious Diseases Acts in Hong Kong: Imperial Edict versus Local Governance (Supervisors: Karl Hack and Deborah Brunton)

Julie Leigh, Chief Constables in the North of England 1880-1905 (Supervisors Chris Williams and Paul Lawrence)


Mary Sparks, The Development of Sarajevo During the Period of Austro-Hungarian Administration (Supervisors: Annika Mombauer and Tim Benton)

David Churchill, Crime, Policing and Social Relations in Urban England and Wales, with Special Reference to West Yorkshire, c. 1860-1914 (Supervisors: Paul Lawrence and Rosalind Crone)

Gonçalo Gonçalves, The Police and the City: ‘Public Safety’ as part of the police organisation and police task (Lisbon 1867-1910) (Supervisors: Clive Emsley and Paul Lawrence)

Paul Scannell, ‘Soldiers of God or soldiers of fortune? The influence of British veterans returning from Europe on the English Civil War’ (Supervisors Paul Lawrence and Rosemary O’Day)


Laura Allan, The Public History of the UK Criminal Justice System (PhD degree, Supervisors: Chris Williams and Clive Emsley)

Julia Matheson, Common Ground: Working-Class Horticulture in the East End of London, 1840-1914 (PhD degree, Supervisors: Donna Loftus and Deborah Brunton)


Dryden Liddle, Charles V and his Secretary of Finance, Francois de los Cobos 1530-1547 (PhD degree, Supervisors: Ole Grell and Prof. David Goodman)

Stella Rudman, Lloyd George and the Appeasement of Germany, 1919-1940 (PhD degree, Supervisor: Prof. Tony Lentin)

Joyce Payne, The London Filmmakers Cooperative (PhD degree, Supervisors: Tony Aldgate and Prof. James Chapman)

T. R. S. [Dick] Pledger, The Social Significance of Passenger-Carrying Paddle-Steamer Operations in Britain in the First Half of the Nineteenth Century (PhD degree, Supervisors: Colin Chant and Dr. Ian Horton)

Sue Knowles, A Certain Portion of the Whole: Workhouses, Hospitals and Anatomists in East Anglia 1832-1905 (PhD degree, Supervisors: Deborah Brunton and Ole Grell)

Stephen Swinfin, The Demand for Chemists in North West England 1900-1939 (PhD degree, Supervisors: Robin Mackie and Dr Gerrylyn Roberts)


Sally Dux, ‘Richard Attenborough and The British Cinema 1969-2000’, (PhD degree, Supervisor: Tony Aldgate)

Myra Cross, ‘The Depiction of Germans in British Films: How it Changes, How Far such Changes Reflect Government Policy and Public Opinion’, (PhD degree, Supervisor: Tony Aldgate)


Catherine Lee, ‘The Contagious Diseases Acts in Kent’, (PhD degree, Supervisors: Deborah Brunton and Donna Loftus)

Janet Oswald, ‘Girls of the Spinning House - A Social Study of Young Cambridge Streetwalkers, 1823-1894’ (PhD degree, Supervisors: Clive Emsley and Donna Loftus)

Barry Dackombe, ‘Not just another ’Scratch Crown...Got Together for the Purpose’: single-issue extra-parliamentary groups and Liberal Internationalism 1899-1920’, (PhD degree, Supervisor: Bernard Waites)

Janet Clark, ‘Striving to Preserve the Peace! The National Council for Civil Liberties, the Metropolitan Police and the Dynamics of Disorder in Inter-War Britain’, (PhD degree, Supervisors: Clive Emsley and Anne Laurence)

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