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Research Students in History

Current research students and their research topics:

Samuel Aylett, Curating Empire in the  21st Century (Empire & Colonialism) (Supervisors: Karl Hack and Susie West)

Lucinda Borkett-Jones, Ford Madox Ford’s Wartime Writing: Authoring propaganda and negotiating nationalism as a literary cosmopolitan (Supervisors: Annika Mombauer and Sara Haslam)

Yvonne Fisher, The Medicalization of the Nineteenth Century Coroner's Inquest, 1836-1906 (Supervisors: Silvia De Renzi and Deborah Brunton)

Ann Gillan, 'We do not wish to impose our ideas on other nations' Promoting the aims of the Third Reich to an international audience. A study of the National Socialist journal Freude und Arbeit - Joy and Work: 1936 to 1939 (Supervisors: Annika Mombauer and Luc-Andre Brunet)

Paula Grandos-Garcia, Cultural Contacts in Early Roman Spain Through Linked Open Data (Supervisors: Phil Perkins and Ursula Rothe)

Holly Harrod, Religion, Education and Charity in Early Modern England: Archdeacon Robert Johnson and his Grammar Schools, 1575-1630 (Supervisors Ole Grell, Gemma Allen)

Joan Hornsby, Managing Pauperism and Poverty in Axminster Union 1860-1901 (Supervisors Donna Loftus, Megan Doolittle)

Frank Hughes, Captives of the System: The Commissioners in Lunacy as Regulators of Services for Pauper Lunatics and Idiots, 1845-1914 (Supervisors Debbie Brunton, Donna Loftus)

Katherine Lucas, 'The influence of the French Revolution on the political thinking of Wolfe Tone' (Supervisors: Janice Holmes and Anna Plassart)

Christopher Mains, Espionage, The Monarchical Republic & The Career of Sir Robert Cecil, 1590 – 1603 (Supervisors: Neil Younger and Ole Grell)

Ashley Paton, Conceptions of Marital Violence in Victorian Glasgow (Supervisors: Paul Lawrence and Rosalind Crone)

Terry Patton, Prosecution, Punishment and Theory: An Assessment of the British Military and Civilian Penal Codes to Identify Influence between the Two, in the Period 1749-1957 (Supervisors: Chris Williams and Rosalind Crone)

Thomas Probert, Military history: the impact of participating in British counterinsurgency campaigns on British armed forces personnel,1945-1975 (Supervisors: Karl Hack and Alex Tickell)

Louise Rylan-Epton, Welfare Innovation in The Late Eighteenth Century: Gilbert’s Act Workhouses 1782-1834 (supervisors Paul Lawrence and Donna Loftus)

Lucy Santos, Radiating Beauty: The use of Radium in Beauty Products in the United Kingdom, 1900-1939 (Supervisors Debbie Brunton, Christian Bailey)

Elaine Saunders, From Constables to Constabulary: Eighteenth and Early-Nineteenth Century Systems of Policing in Hertfordshire (Supervisors: Chris Williams & Amanda Goodrich)

Angela Sutton-Vane, The Material Culture of Murder Files: Police Archives as Text and Artefact (Supervisors Chris Williams, Susie West)

Jack Taylor, Sexual Violence against men c. 1760-1860 (Supervisors: Paul Lawrence and Rosalind Crone)

Beth Wilburn, Behind the front line:  Non-confrontational responses to youth crime from the Manchester and Salford city police forces 1933-1963 (Supervisors Chris Williams and Deborah Drake (Social Sciences)).

Lizzie Wells, Ready to fight everybody. The rise and fall of pupil insurgency in England's public schools 1768-1868 (Supervisors Rosalind Crone and Anna Plassart)

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