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Dr Mingqing Belinda Wu

Profile summary

  • Research Associate
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
  • School of Polis, Phil, Econ, Dev, Geog
  • Development
  • belinda.wu

Professional biography

Belinda joined OU in January 2016 as a Research Fellow in Development Policy and Planning. Upon completion of a PhD in Human Geography with University of Leeds in 2013, she became the named researcher for the ESRC project SYLLS to generate a synthetic microdata for UK Longitudinal Study in the Centre for Advanced Spatial Analysis, UCL, where she also used a Complexity approach to study the International Development Aid for the EPSRC project Enfolding 2014-15.

Previously she worked on two ESRC projects: Moses and Genesis at University of Leeds. Both ambitiously attempt to provide a generic modelling and simulation basis for various decision making support and e-Social Science research. She also had 3 years’ Transport planning and policy research experience at University of Ulster, where she obtained an MSc with distinction in Computing and Information Systems. She is also a FRGS and MIILT.


Moses: Planning for the Next Generation (2013-08-15)
Wu, Belinda and Birkin, Mark
International Review for Spatial Planning and Sustainable Development, 1(1) (pp. 17-28)
The minimum cost-cycle expansion law of urban spatial morphology: A case study of Kunming in China (2012-03)
Wu, Q.Y.; Chen, H; Wu, Belinda and Zeng, W
Geographical Research, 31(3) (pp. 484-494)
A Dynamic MSM With Agent Elements for Spatial Demographic Forecasting (2011-02)
Wu, Belinda M.; Birkin, Mark H. and Rees, Philip H.
Social Science Computer Review, 29(1) (pp. 145-160)
MoSeS: A Grid-Enabled Spatial Decision Support System (2009-11)
Birkin, Mark; Turner, Andy; Wu, Belinda; Townend, Paul; Arshad, Junaid and Xu, Jie
Social Science Computer Review, 27(4) (pp. 493-508)
MoSeS: Modelling and Simulation for e-Social Science (2009-06-01)
Townend, Paul; Xu, Jie; Birkin, Mark; Turner, Andy and Wu, Belinda
Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society A: Mathematical, Physical and Engineering Sciences, 367(1898) (pp. 2781-2792)
A spatial microsimulation model with student agents (2008-11)
Wu, B. M.; Birkin, M. H. and Rees, P. H.
Computers, Environment and Urban Systems, 32(6) (pp. 440-453)
A PTAL approach to measuring changes in bus service accessibility (2003-10)
Wu, Belinda M. and Hine, Julian P.
Transport Policy, 10(4) (pp. 307-320)
[Book Review] Mobility and Traffic in the 21st Century, Franz Mayinger (Ed.) (2003-03)
Wu, Mingqing and Hine, Julian
Journal of Transport Geography, 11(1) (pp. 78-79)
International Development Aid: A Complex System (2016-05)
Wu, Belinda
In: Wilson, Alan ed. Global Dynamics: Approaches from Complexity Science (pp. 231-256)
ISBN : 9781118922286 | Publisher : John Wiley and Sons Ltd
Model Building for the Complex System of International Development Aid (2016-05)
Wu, Belinda; Hanna, Sean and Wilson, Alan
In: Wilson, Alan ed. Global Dynamics: Approaches from Complexity Science (pp. 257-270)
ISBN : 978111892286 | Publisher : John Wiley and Sons Ltd.
Moses: A Dynamic Spatial Microsimulation Model for Demographic Planning (2012-08-07)
Wu, Belinda and Birkin, Mark
In: Tanton, Robert and Edwards, Kimberley eds. Spatial Microsimulation: A Reference Guide for Users. Understanding Population Trends and Processes (6) (pp. 171-193)
ISBN : 978-94-007-4622-0 | Publisher : Springer Netherlands | Published : Dordrecht
Agent-Based Extensions to a Spatial Microsimulation Model of Demographic Change (2011-10-19)
Wu, Belinda M. and Birkin, Mark H.
In: Heppenstall, Alison J.; Crooks, Andrew T.; See, Linda M. and Batty, Michael eds. Agent-Based Models of Geographical Systems (pp. 347-360)
ISBN : 978-90-481-8926-7 | Publisher : Springer Netherlands
A dynamic spatial model for demographic planning (2011-06-24)
Wu, Belinda; Birkin, Mark and Rees, Phil
In : Proceeding of 19th International Conference on Geoinformatics (24-26 Jun 2011, Shanghai) (pp. 1-4)
Moses: An Innovative Way to Model Heterogeneity in Complex Social Systems (2010-01-22)
Wu, Belinda; Birkin, Mark; Rees, Phil; Heppenstall, Alison; Turner, Andy; Clarke, Martin; Townend, Paul and Xu, Jie
In : Second International Conference on Computer Modeling and Simulation (22-24 Jan 2010, Sanya, Hainan) (pp. 366-370)

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