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Dr Cristina Santos

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Lecturer in Economics
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
  • School of Polis, Phil, Econ, Dev, Geog
  • Economics
  • cristina.santos

Research interests

I am interested in the Economics of the Household, in how decisions about working for pay, spending or saving impact on individuals within the context of their household, in how inequalities and violence may arise within the household, and how policy and the socio-economic context can help ameliorate or worsen these inequalities. I am a Co-Investigator on the research project Gender and intra-household entitlements. A cross-national longitudinal analysis.

Along the same lines, I am interested in the Economics of Happiness and in approaches and theories that enrich the notions and working scope of well-being, mainly on the Capabilities Approach. I am currently involved in the Capabilities Measurement Project headed by Paul Anand.

Teaching interests

Currently chairing the making of DD126 Economics in Context, previously chaired the making of DD209 Running the economy.
Chaired the presentation of DD209 Running the Economy, DB123 You and your money: personal finance in context, DD202 Economics and Economic Change, and DD309 Doing Economics: People, Markets, and Policy. Been a module team member of these and other modules.

Was lucky enough to also be a tutor for DB123 You and your money: personal finance in context

At postgraduate level, I have taught Trade and Development at Economics, University of Essex (2011-2012), and currently leading a lecture on Human Development and the Capabilities Approach under the Grand Union Doctoral Training Programme, and participating in the Faculty's training programmes also.

I am currently supervising three PhD students, and welcome applications.

Research Activity

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Centre for Citizenship, Identifies and Governance (CCIG)CentreFaculty of Social Sciences


Are we empowering women? (2017-03)
Santos, Cristina
Policy in Focus, 14(1) (pp. 7-9)
Costs of Domestic Violence: A Life Satisfaction Approach (2013-09-05)
Santos, Cristina
Fiscal Studies, 34(3) (pp. 391-409)
Sharing of resources within the family and the economics of household decision-making (2013-06)
Himmelweit, Susan; Santos, Cristina; Sevilla, Almudena and Sofer, Catherine
Journal of Marriage and Family, 75(3) (pp. 625-639)
Violent Crime, Gender Inequalities and Well-Being: Models based on a Survey of Individual Capabilities and Crime Rates for England and Wales (2007)
Anand, Paul and Santos, Cristina
Revue d'Economie Politique, 117(1) (pp. 877-902)
Gender equality and taxation. A UK case study (2010-05-14)
de Henau, Jerome; Himmelweit, Susan and Santos, Cristina
In: Grown, Karen and Valodia, Imraan eds. Taxation and gender equity. A comparative analysis of direct and indirect taxes in developing and developed countries. Routledge International Studies in Money and Banking (pp. 261-298)
ISBN : 978-0-415-49262-1 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Abingdon
Violent crime, gender inequalities and well-being: models based on capabilities and crime data for England and Wales (2009-07)
Anand, Paul and Santos, Cristina
In: Harris, Bernard; Gálvez, Lina and Machado, Helena eds. Gender and Well-Being in Europe: Historical and Contemporary Perspectives (pp. 157-184)
ISBN : 9780754672647 | Publisher : Ashgate | Published : Farnham
The measurement of capabilities (2008)
Anand, Paul; Santos, Cristina and Smith, Ron
In: Basu, Kaushik and Kanbur, Ravi eds. Arguments for a Better World: Essays in Honor of Amartya Sen: Volume I: Ethics, Welfare, and Measurement (pp. 283-310)
ISBN : 978-0-19-923911-5 | Publisher : Oxford University Press | Published : Oxford
Dimensions of Well-Being: Earnings, Happiness and Domestic Violence (2013-04)
Santos, Cristina
PhD thesis University College London
Education Workforce Initiative: Initial Research (2018-04-30)
Wolfenden, Freda; Buckler, Alison; Santos, Cristina and Mittelmeier, Jenna
International Commission on Financing Education Opportunity (The Education Commission)
Wealth Accumulation and Home Ownership of US young adults: 2005-2009 (2012-01-01)
Santos, Cristina
Gender analysis of the changes in indirect taxes introduced by the coalition government, 2010-2011 (2011-06)
de Henau, Jerome and Santos, Cristina
Women's Budget Group, United Kingdom.
Estimating linear birth cohort effects: revisiting the age-happiness profile (2007-01)
Santos, Cristina
Open University, Economics Department, Milton Keynes, UK.

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