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Dr Lisa Lazard

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Head of Discipline & Senior Lecturer in Psychology
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
  • School of Psychology & Counselling
  • Psychology
  • lisa.lazard

Research interests

My research interests broadly focus on gendered/sexualised identities and how they become enmeshed relations of power. I am particularly interested in how such power relationships become played out and disrupted in constructions of sexual violence, particularly sexual harassment and parenting.

Capdevila, R. & Lazard, L. (in press) Gender. Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology. Springer.

Callaghan, J. & Lazard, L. (2012) Please don't put the whole dang thing out there! A discursive analysis of internet discussions on breastfeeding. Psychology and Health, 27(8), 938–55.

Lazard, L., Capdevila, R. & Roberts, A. (2011) Methodological pluralism in theory and in practice: the case for Q in the community. Qualitative Research in Psychology, 8(2), 140–150.

Butcher, J., Sedgwick, P., Lazard. & Hey, J. (2010) How might inclusive approaches to assessment enhance student learning in HE? Enhancing the learner experience in Higher Education. 2(1), 25–40.

Mungham, S. & Lazard, L. (2010) Virtually experts: exploring constructions of mothers' advice seeking in online parenting forums. Radical Psychology.

Marzano, L., Capdevila, R., Ciclitira, K., & Lazard, L. (2009) Justice and Care: Theorising the 'new man' and the 'caring father'. Psychology of women section review.11(2), 11–20.

Lazard, L (2009) Moving past powerlessness: An exploration of the heterosexualisation of sexual harassment. Psychology of women section review, 11(1), 3–11.

Lazard, L (2009) "You'll like this – it's feminist!" Representations of strong women in Horror fiction. Feminism and Psychology, 19(1), 132–137.

Capdevila, C. & Lazard, L. (2008/2007) Is it just me? Q methodology and representing the marginal. Operant Subjectivity, 32, 70–84.

Capdevila, C., Ciclitira, K., Lazard, L. & Marzano, L (2006) 'If I am woman, who are they'? The construction of 'other' feminisms. Psychology of Women Section Review, 8(2), 23–31.

A repository of research publications and other research outputs can be viewed at The Open University's Open Research Online.

Teaching interests

Discovering psychology (DSE141), DE200, DE300


Sharenting: Pride, affect and the day to day politics of digital mothering (2019-04-17)
Lazard, Lisa; Capdevila, Rose; Dann, Charlotte; Locke, Abigail and Roper, Sandra
Social and Personality Psychology Compass, 13(4) (pp. 1-10)
Doing reflexivity in psychological research – What’s the point? What’s the practice? (2018)
Lazard, Lisa and McAvoy, Jean
Qualitative Research in Psychology ((Early Access))
Special Focus: Revisiting ‘‘the woman question’’ (2016-08-01)
Lazard, Lisa; Bolak Boratav, Hale and Clegg, Helen
Feminism & Psychology, 26(3) (pp. 245-253)
How is this feminist again? Q as a feminist methodology (2015)
Roper, Sandra; Capdevila, Rose; Lazard, Lisa and Roberts, Anca
Psychology of Women Section Review, 17 (pp. 3-12)
‘Please don’t put the whole dang thing out there!’: A discursive analysis of internet discussions around infant feeding (2012-08)
Callaghan, Jane E. M. and Lazard, Lisa
Psychology & Health, 27(8) (pp. 938-955)
Virtually Experts: Exploring constructions of mothers’ advice-seeking in online parenting communities (2011-08-07)
Mungham, Samantha and Lazard, Lisa
Radical Psychology: A Journal of Psychology, Politics, and Radicalism, 9(2)
'Square pegs in round holes' - an investigation into inclusive assessment. (2010)
Butcher, John; Hey, Jane; Sedgwick, Paul and Lazard, Lisa
Skill Journal, 98 (pp. 13-16)
‘You’ll Like This – It’s Feminist!’ Representations of Strong Women in Horror Fiction (2009-02)
Lazard, Lisa
Feminism & Psychology, 19(1) (pp. 132-136)
Reviews: Irina Anderson and Kathy Doherty: Accounting for Rape: Psychology, Feminism and Discourse Analysis in the Study of Sexual Violence (2009-02)
Lazard, Lisa
Feminism & Psychology, 19(1) (pp. 138-140)
Moving past powerlessness? An exploration of the heterosexualisation of sexual harassment (2009)
Lazard, Lisa
Psychology of Women Section Review, 11(1) (pp. 3-11)
Changing the Story: An Examination of Strategies for Resisting Sexism and Racism (2005)
Lazard, Lisa and Marzano, Lisa
Psychology of Women Section Review, 7(1) (pp. 12-20)
Reviews: Caroline Ramazanoğlu and Janet Holland: Feminist Methodology: Challenges and Choices (2004-08)
Lazard, Lisa
Feminism & Psychology, 14(3) (pp. 460-462)
Reviews: Richard B. Felson: Violence and Gender: Reexamined (2003-08-01)
Lazard, Lisa
Feminism & Psychology, 13(3) (pp. 391-395)
Social Psychology (2011)
Callaghan, Jane and Lazard, Lisa
Critical Thinking in Psychology
ISBN : 978087252807 | Publisher : Learning Matters Ltd.
Postmodern feminist psychology (2016-04-21)
Lazard, Lisa; McAvoy, Jean and Capdevila, Rose
In: Naples, Nancy; Hoogland, Renee C.; Wickramasinghe, Maithree and Wong, Wai Ching Angela eds. The Wiley Blackwell Encyclopedia of Gender and Sexuality Studies
ISBN : 978-1-4051-9694-9 | Publisher : Wiley Blackwell
Psychology of women: questions of politics and practice (2015-04-26)
Capdevila, Rose and Lazard, Lisa
In: Parker, Ian ed. Handbook of Critical Psychology. Routledge International Handbooks (pp. 191-199)
ISBN : 978-1-84872-218-7 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : Hove, New York
Gender, Overview (2014)
Capdevila, Rose and Lazard, Lisa
In: Teo, Thomas ed. Encyclopedia of Critical Psychology (pp. 763-767)
ISBN : 978-1-4614-5583-7 | Publisher : Springer-Verlag | Published : New York
Why sportspeople convicted of violence against women forfeit their right to be ‘stars' (2016-03-01)
Owton, Helen and Lazard, Lisa
The Conversation
Response to the home office: Together we can end violence against women and girls: A consultation response (2009-05)
Gilchrist, Elizabeth; Fisher, Martin; Kinmond, Kathryn; Lazard, Lisa; Majumdar, Anamika and Rouf, Khadj
British Psychological Society
Response to the Northern Ireland Office and DHSSPS consultation entitled “Hidden Crimes Secret Pain” (2007)
Lazard, L.; Buys, D.; Callaghan, J.; Motzkau, J. and Keating, S.
British Psychological Society

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