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Dr Michael Doorley

Profile summary

  • Honorary Associate
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
  • School of Hist, Rel St, Soc, SP&C
  • History
  • m.doorley

Professional biography

I studied History and Politics at University College Dublin and in 1995 I obtained a PhD in History at the University of Illinois in the United States.  I have been working as an Associate Lecturer with the Open University since 1994, first with the London Region, and then in Ireland since 1999. In that time, I have worked on a range of different history and social science politics modules. I am currently working on A327 Europe 1914-1989: war, peace, and modernity and A326 Empire: 1492-1975. I am also working on DD313, International Relations: continuity and change in global politics. In 2014, I worked as an AL consultant in developing this new third level international relations course. In 2006, I also compiled a set of online ‘Irish materials’ to enable Open University students in Ireland to link the concepts and theories explored in the social science foundation course DD101 to Irish events and developments.

I am a member of the Newspaper and Periodical Forum of Ireland and I have a developing interest in the history of Irish-American newspapers and how they portrayed developments in Ireland, the British Empire and world affairs in the early 20th century.  I have published and delivered conference papers on this topic. I have also contributed to the current 2016 Revolution Papers  project which is aimed at bringing the history of the Irish Revolution to the Irish general public by reproducing Unionist, Nationalist and Irish-American newspapers from 1916 to 1923.

Research interests

My research has focused on topics related to 19th century Irish emigration, the Irish diaspora in the United States, and political and social transatlantic connections between the Irish-American ethnic group and Ireland. My first book, published as Irish American Diaspora Nationalism: 1916-1935 (Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2005), explored the phenomenon of Irish American nationalism in the context of the Irish migratory experience and the position of the Irish ethnic group in the United States. It also explored how Irish-American political pressure attempted to influence US foreign policy during the first two decades of the 20th century. This work has been reviewed in the American Historical Review, Irish Historical Studies and the International History Review. I am currently working on a second book entitled Judge Daniel Cohalan (1865-1946), American-Irish Nationalist and American isolationist. Daniel Cohalan was a New York State Supreme Court Judge, but also an important figure in Irish-American nationalist circles and a strong isolationist voice in American politics in the 1920s and 1930s.



Irish-American Diaspora Nationalism: The Friends of Irish Freedom, 1916-1935 (Four Courts Press, Dublin, 2005).

Journal Articles

‘Judge Daniel Cohalan: A Nationalist Crusader against British Influence in American Life’, New Hibernia Review, Volume 19, Number 2, Summer 2015,

‘The Judge’ versus ‘The Chief’ –Daniel Cohalan and the 1920 Split within Irish America.
History Ireland, Volume 23, Number 2, March/April 2015

‘The Friends of Irish Freedom: A case study in Irish-American nationalism, 1916-21’, History Ireland, Volume 16, Number 2, March/April 2008.

'Irish American Diaspora Nationalism and the Foundation of the Friends of Irish Freedom', in: The Recorder: The Journal of the American Irish Historical Society, Volume 18, Numbers 1&2, Fall 2005.

''Irish Catholics and French Creoles: Ethnic Struggles within the Catholic Church in New Orleans, 1835-1920' in The Catholic Historical Review, Volume LXXXVII, Number 1, January 2001.

Book chapters

‘The Friends of Irish Freedom and the Irish Revolution’, in Atlas of the Irish Revolution. Edited by John Crowley, Donal O Drisceoil and Mike Murphy. (Cork University Press, Cork, 2017). The Atlas of the Irish Revolution, which tells the full story of Ireland’s revolutionary history from 1913 to 1923, has been voted the ‘Bord Gáis Energy Book of the Year’ for 2017.

‘Daniel Cohalan and American Involvement in the 1916 Rising’, in Ireland’s Allies: America and the 1916 Rising. Edited by Miriam Nyhan. (UCD Press, Dublin 2016).

‘The Gaelic American and the shaping of Irish-American Opinion, 1903-1914’ in  Probing the Past: Festschrift in Honour of Leo Schelbert. Edited by Wendy Everham, Peter Lang, New York, 2015.

‘The United Kingdom’s minority Nations,’ in A Visitor’s Britain: Exploring Culture Past and Present. Edited by Martin Upham and Patricia Tatspaugh. Albion, London, 2001.


Paper presented on: 'The problem of Irish-American Dual Allegiance: The case of Justice Daniel Cohalan (1865-1946), an American Patriot and Irish-American nationalist'. At the American Conference on Irish Studies (ACIS), University College Cork, 18-22 June 2018.

Paper presented on: ‘Irish-America and United States entry into WWI’ at the St. Paul Irish Arts Week. Minnesota. (24th April 2017).

Paper presented on: ‘Daniel Cohalan and American involvement in the 1916 Rising’ at the Independent Spirit, America and the 1916 Easter Rising conference at New York University,  Glucksman Ireland House, 21-22 April 2016. 

‘Irish America and the 1916 Rising’ at the: 1916: A Political Reflection 100 years on, conference at the Linen Hall Library, Belfast, 18th March 2016. This conference was organized by the Open University in Ireland as part of the ‘Belfast Festival of Ideas and Politics’.

‘The Gaelic American and the shaping of Irish-American opinion, 1903-1914’, at the ‘Home Thoughts from Abroad Conference: History, the Press and Diaspora’. University College Cork, 21/22 November 2014.

‘Judge Daniel Cohalan and the battle against Anglo-Saxonism in early 20th century America’, at  American Conference for Irish Studies (ACIS), Northern Illinois University/ De Paul University, Chicago, 15 April 2013.

‘Irish Catholics and French Creoles: Ethnic Struggles within the Catholic Church in New Orleans, 1835-1920’ at Catholicism and Public Cultures in Ireland, France, United Kingdom and North America Conference, in the Centre for Public Culture Studies, Institute of Art, Design and Technology, Dun Laoghaire. 17-19 June 2009.

'Irish American Nationalism and the Irish Land Question, 1867-1916', at William Casey Centenary Conference, Devon Hotel, Limerick, Ireland, 7-8 September 2007.

'Irish American Diaspora Nationalism: The Friends of Irish Freedom', at The Institute for American Irish Studies, Pace University, Manhattan, New York, 16 November 2005.

Other Publications

Revolution Newspaper Project, 2016-2017.

‘Irish America and Nationalist Ireland’, in Revolution Papers No. 6: April 1917, America enters the War:  The Impact on Ireland.

‘The Chief’s US Tour’, in Revolution Papers  No. 22:  De Valera Goes to America.

‘The Foundation and Development of the United Nations: A World Without War’ in Revolution Papers No. 90:  1946, The United Nations Rejects Ireland.


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