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Dr Simon P Clarke

Profile summary

  • Central Academic Staff
  • Lecturer in Critical Mental Health
  • Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences
  • School of Psychology & Counselling
  • Psychology
  • simon.clarke


Tactical authenticity in the production of autoethnographic mad narratives (2019)
Clarke, Simon and Wright, Colin
Social Theory & Health ((Early Access))
Madhouse and the whole thing there (2018)
Clarke, Simon
Qualitative Research in Psychology, 15(2-3) (pp. 247-259)
Home-based pre-surgical psychological intervention for knee osteoarthritis (HAPPiKNEES): a feasibility randomized controlled trial (2018)
das Nair, Roshan; Mhizha-Murira, Jacqueline R; Anderson, Pippa; Carpenter, Hannah; Clarke, Simon; Groves, Sam; Leighton, Paul; Scammell, Brigitte E; Topcu, Gogem; Walsh, David A and Lincoln, Nadina B
Clinical Rehabilitation, 32(6) (pp. 777-789)
Evaluation of a group acceptance commitment therapy intervention for people with knee or hip osteoarthritis: a pilot randomized controlled trial (2017)
Clarke, Simon P.; Poulis, Nektaria; Moreton, Bryan J.; Walsh, Dave A. and Lincoln, Nadina B.
Disability and Rehabilitation, 39(7) (pp. 663-670)
Home-administered pre-surgical psychological intervention for knee osteoarthritis (HAPPiKNEES): study protocol for a randomised controlled trial (2016-01-27)
das Nair, Roshan; Anderson, Pippa; Clarke, Simon; Leighton, Paul; Lincoln, Nadina B.; Mhizha-Murira, Jacqueline R.; Scammell, Brigitte E. and Walsh, David A.
Trials, 17, Article 54(1)
Hurting and healing in therapeutic environments: How can we understand the role of the relational context? (2016)
Clarke, Simon P.; Clarke, Jenelle M.; Brown, Ruth and Middleton, Hugh
European Journal of Psychotherapy & Counselling, 18(4) (pp. 384-400)
Outcomes of therapeutic community treatment for personality disorder (2016)
Capone, Georgina; Schroder, Thomas; Clarke, Simon and Braham, Louise
Therapeutic Communities: The International Journal of Therapeutic Communities, 37(2) (pp. 84-100)
Adjustment to fibromyalgia: The role of domain-specific self-efficacy and acceptance (2016)
Sahar, Karan; Thomas, Shirley A. and Clarke, Simon P.
Australian Journal of Psychology, 68(1) (pp. 29-37)
Clinical effectiveness of a pain psychology service within an outpatient secondary care setting (2015)
Sheldon, Kerry Lynn; Clarke, Simon P. and Moghaddam, Nima
Mental Health Review Journal, 20(3) (pp. 166-176)
Evaluating a person-centred chronic pain service using indices of reliable and clinically significant change (2015)
Macey, Katherine; Clarke, Simon; Golijani-Moghaddam, Nima and Das Nair, Roshan
European Journal for Person Centered Healthcare, 3(1)
Examining fast and slow effects for alcohol and negative emotion in problem and social drinkers (2015)
Clarke, Simon; Sharma, Dinkar and Salter, Daniel
Addiction Research & Theory, 23(1) (pp. 24-33)
Personal experience of osteoarthritis and pain questionnaires: mapping items to themes (2014)
Clarke, Simon; Moreton, Bryan J.; das Nair, Roshan; Walsh, David A. and Lincoln, Nadina B.
Disability and Rehabilitation, 36(2) (pp. 163-169)
“He denied feeling depressed, rather he insistently used the word “despair” : a dialogical approach to mad narratives ()
Clarke, Simon
In : Association of Medical Humanities Annual Conference 2017: Critical Stories (28-30 Jun 2017, Keele University, UK)
Disciplinary power and degradation ceremonies: the case of the ward round ()
Clarke, Simon
In : Second UK Mental Disability Law Conference (26-27 Jun 2018, Nottingham, UK)

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