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Current Research Students

Current postgraduate research topics

Nathan Fox, The Environmental Complexity Thesis and the Problem of Knowledge (Supervisors:  Carolyn Price and Alex Barber)

Christopher Grey, The musical aesthetics of Jacques Maritain (Supervisors: Sophie-Grace Chappell and Martin Clarke)

David Hurrell, An Analysis of Nietzsche’s Conception of Decadence (funded by CHASE) (Supervisors: Manuel Dries and S.-G. Chappell)

Lucy Manning, Logical atomism in Plato's Theaetetus and Wittgenstein's Tractatus (Supervisors: Sophie-Grace Chappell and Naoko Yamagata)

Susanne Mathies, The Simulated Self – Fiction Reading and Narrative Identity (Supervisors:  Carolyn Price and Derek Matravers).

Sarah Pawlett Jackson, ‘Facing the Third Person in Levinas: Understanding multipersonal intersubjectivity’ (Supervisors: Sophie-Grace Chappell and Manuel Dries)

Jon Phelan, Understanding Other Minds from Literary Fiction (Supervisors: Derek Matravers and Sophie-Grace Chappell)

Brandon Robshaw, Should a Liberal State Ban the Burqa?, (Supervisors: Jon Pike, Sean Cordell)

Christopher Yorke, ‘Bernard Suits and the Utopian Politics of Gaming’ (Supervisors: Jon Pike and Alex Barber)

Our recent graduates

Other theses successfully submitted for research degrees in the Department include:

'Styles of Thinking: Assessing and Developing Ian Hacking’s Historical Epistemology', V. Luca Sciortino (PhD 2014)

'The Mind in Giambattista Vico’s New Science', W. Brent Hepburn (PhD 2011)

'Be Reasonable: A Defence and Development of the Case for Internal Reasons', David Edmonds (PhD 2003)

'Aristotle’s view of human nature as a basis for ethical theory', Stephen Watt (PhD 1998)

'The Sublime Machine: Conceptions of Masculine Beauty, 1750-1850' (PhD 1996)

'Wittgensteinian Descriptivism and Concepts of Self-Renunciation' (PhD 1997)

'Aristotle's View of Human Nature as the Basis for Ethical Theory' (PhD 1999)

'Nihilism and Modernity' (PhD 1999)

'Philosophy of Mind and Neurological Impairment' (PhD 1999)

'A Comparison of Hegel's early Theological Writings with his Mature Philosophy of Religion' (MPhil 1999)

'The Ethics of Debt Management' (MPhil 2000)

'Action and Ethics in Aristotle and Hegel' (PhD 2001)

'The Free Will Problem', David Proud (MPhil 2007)

'Cognitive and Heideggerian Approaches to the Study of Emotion/Mood', Kevin Sludds (MPhil, 2008)

'Sciences, Evaluation, and Ethics', Grant Douglas Vallance (PhD 2009)

'De natura deorum Epicureorum', Paul Jackson (PhD 2015)

'Catching the Cow's Eye: The Spectacle as Moral Reason', Raymond Boyce

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