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Postgraduate Research in Psychology

Research areas and staff specialisms

The School of Psychology offers a broad range of theoretical, applied and methodological expertise and our staff have research supervisory interests in many areas. Listed below is Psychology staff and their research interests where we can offer PhD supervision.

Central staff (i.e. based at Walton Hall)

Dr Eleni Andreouli
Lecturer: Dynamics of identity construction (particularly ethnic, national and cultural identities); intercultural relations and integration in multicultural societies; participation and citizenship (national and transnational, e.g. European).
Dr Meg John Barker
Senior Lecturer: Sexualities and relationships, particularly bisexual, SM and non-monogamous sexual communities. Existential and mindfulness psychotherapy. Visual research methods.
Dr Nicola Brace
Senior Lecturer: Developmental and theoretical aspects of face processing, witness identification evidence including facial composite construction.
Dr Jovan Byford
Senior Lecturer: Relationship between social psychology and history; social psychological exploration of historical issues and historical material; social remembering and forgetting; antisemitism; cross-cultural analysis of conspiracy theories.
Dr Rose Capdevila
Director of Research and Senior Lecturer: Selfies and social media, gender in digital spaces, mothering on and offline, discursive approaches to identities (particularly gender and political identities), Q methodology and subjectivity, qualitative approaches and the politics of methodology.
Dr Sarah Crafter
Senior Lecturer: Sociocultural and critical psychological perspectives on the everyday practices of children, young people and families; migration, identities, transitions and diversity; child language brokering, unaccompanied/separated minors, children’s work and care practices, qualitative approaches.
Prof John Dixon
Professor of Social Psychology: Prejudice, conflict and racism; intergroup contract and desegregation; everyday understandings of socio-political change (notably in Northern Ireland and South Africa); the relationship between place and identity; spatial boundaries and intergroup relations.
Dr Lara Frumkin
Senior Lecturer: Psychology of terrorism, deception detection, extra-legal factors in courtroom decisions.
Dr Virginia Harrison
Senior Lecturer: (1) Mental health and wellbeing (particularly in the perinatal period); the development and evaluation of eMental Health tools. (2) Applied and theoretical aspects of face perception and recognition, including in-/out-group biases.
Dr Catriona Havard
Senior Lecturer: Applied and theoretical aspects of face perception and recognition, including eyewitness identification and biases in recognition.
Dr Claire Hewson
Senior Lecturer: Folk psychology, lay theories and beliefs, internet research methods, e-learning.
Dr David Jones
Senior Lecturer: Psychosocial perspectives in understanding criminal behaviour, in particular the borderline between mental health and offending. The significance of historical and psychosocial thinking to understanding contemporary issues.
Dr Helen Kaye
Senior Lecturer: Cognitive learning theory, contextual effects in Pavlovian conditioning, spatial learning.
Dr David Kaposi
PhD convener and Lecturer: (1) Psychoanalysis and psychodynamic psychotherapy: history, discourse and process; (2) Political psychology: violence, trauma and identity; (3) Israel/Palestine: discourse and subjectivities; (4) Qualitative research practice: critical discursive, psychoanalytic and psychosocial approaches.
Prof Darren Langdridge
Professor of Psychology and Sexuality: Construction of sexualities and masculinities, phenomenological/narrative psychology and existential-phenomenological psychotherapy.
Dr Lisa Lazard
Lecturer: Gendered/sexualised identities and how they become enmeshed relations of power; constructions of sexual violence, particularly sexual harassment and parenting.
Dr Jean McAvoy
Director of Teaching and Senior Lecturer: Discourse analysis, subjectivities, identity, self and other, moral orders, and the management of trouble and dilemma.
Dr Kesi Mahendran
Senior Lecturer: Dialogical Psychology (Bakhtin). Dialogue between citizens and their governments on vexed political questions e.g. immigration-integration. Political Psychology of International Relations. Dialogue and Self. Self & Public Sphere. Social Representations, Public Opinion & Public Narratives. Dissensus and Consensus in Political Decision-Making. UK-EU Relations. Psychology of Citizenship (National, European, Global). Qualitative and Quantitative Dialogical Methods & Mapping.  Dialogical Research Design.
Dr Hayley Ness
Senior Lecturer: Applied cognitive psychology: perception of and memory for faces, particularly in eyewitness settings; facial composite construction; issues concerning visual evidence and juror decision-making.
Dr Naomi Moller
Senior Lecturer: Process and outcome in psychotherapy and counselling; research methods in counselling and psychotherapy; issues around working with diverse populations in therapy.
Dr Johanna Motzkau
Senior Lecturer: Discursive psychology, methodology, theoretical psychology (process philosophy, Deleuze, Stengers), suggestibility, memory, childhood, sexual abuse, child witnessing, psychology and law (international perspectives on evidence/expertise).
Dr Volker Patent
Lecturer: Innovation in e-learning, emotions and learning, support of learning, formative and developmental assessment, graduate employability and skills, organisational trust and HR, assessment centre evaluation.
Prof Graham Pike
Professor of Forensic Cognition: Applied cognition and forensic psychology (particularly face perception and eye-witness identification), and the psychology of policing (particularly public engagement and citizen enquiry).
Prof Paul Stenner
Professor of Social Psychology: Critical, discursive, theoretical and historical psychology and psychosocial studies. Social affectivity (especially jealousy and envy). Active ageing and critical aspects of health related quality of life. Ordinary understandings of human rights. Relational process ontology. Q methodology.
Dr Ailsa Strathie
Lecturer: Theoretical and applied issues in facial recognition/verification, particularly CCTV identification, facial image comparison, eyewitness identification, within-person variability, and effects of familiarity; lay perception and understanding of expert evidence, crime and policing in the internet age; synaesthesia.
Dr Stephanie Taylor
Senior Lecturer: Narrative-discursive and other qualitative research on identities and subjectivity. Critical research on creative identities, place-related identities, creativity and creative practice, the creative industries and contemporary work.
Dr Jim Turner
Lecturer: Face perception and memory; eyewitness identification and evidence; facial composite construction in police settings.
Dr Andreas Vossler
Senior Lecturer: Process and outcome in psychotherapy and counselling; research methods in counselling and psychotherapy; systemic approaches; intimate relationships; infidelity; online counselling and psychotherapy.
Dr Zoe Walkington
Senior Lecturer: Investigative interviewing of police suspects, witness interpretations of criminal incidents and the use of narrative in increasing empathic responding towards offenders.

Staff tutors

Dr Troy Cooper
Head of School and Senior Lecturer: Social psychology of illness, especially eating disorders and addiction.
Dr Anastasia Economou
Lecturer: Anxiety, depression, eating disorders, counselling adults with disabilities, Psychodynamic counselling, cross-cultural counselling, online counselling, mindfulness based therapy, conservation psychology.
Gillian Ferrier
Lecturer: Cognitive psychology, particularly mental representation and the functional geometry of spatial prepositions.
Karen Hagan
Senior Lecturer: Autism. Construction of personal identity using techniques such as PECs (picture exchange communication system).
Simon Harrison
Lecturer: Discourse of risk and uncertainty; metaphor analysis; qualitative psychology; critical social psychology, power and identity.
Dr Caroline Kelly
Director of Student Support and Senior Lecturer: Adult learners, pedagogy of online and distance learning; social identities and group processes.
Dr Madeleine Knightley
Lecturer: Adult learners' personal identity; Adult students’ experiences of learning using new technologies.
Dr Marianna Latif
Lecturer: Parenting styles in Eastern European immigrant communities, effects of the host culture and links to the risk factors for juvenile offending in these communities.
Dr Rachel Penny
Lecturer: Identity development including nationality and the effect of transition on identity; learning experience of part-time and distance learners.
Dr Bianca Raabe
Lecturer: Young people, identity and the study of citizenship, role of counselling in the workplace.
Dr Katy Smith
Lecturer: Student engagement in e-learning, Action research and action learning, cultural and behavioural issues in complex supply chains.
Dr Mark Smith
Lecturer: Syntax; the unity of the proposition; language and thought.

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