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Psychology Postgraduate Students

Name Supervisor(s) Research Title
Murray Blacket Prof D Langdridge
Prof P Stenner
The loss of sexual desire in men: a phenomenological study
Emma Brice Dr E Andreouli
Prof P Stenner
Digital citizenship, surveillance and privacy
Charlotte Gaskell Prof G Pike
Dr C Havard
Understanding cultural cognitions and perceptions to enhance community engagement and improve investigations
Faye Griggs Dr L Lazard
Prof J Dixon
Are sisters are doing it to themselves? Exploring implicit prejudice, conflict and aggression between women
Karen Hagan Dr L O'Dell (WELS)
Prof J Dixon
Parental and professional discourses on autism
Sara Hammond Dr J Motzkau
Dr S Crafter
Exploring children’s experience of participation in Family/Criminal Court proceedings – broadening the notion of resilience
Esther Jones Dr A Vossler
Dr PR Redman (Sociology)
Where is mother? The role of the maternal in dementia care
Steve Kelsey Prof D Langdridge
Dr MJ Barker
The 'Lifeworld' of Big Issue Vendors - a Phenomenological Study of People Without Homes
George Kourdounoulis Dr CM Hewson
Dr CS Price (Philosophy)
Science Meets Philosophy: An Investigation of the Social Aspects of Morality
Dionusai Lali Prof G Pike
Dr H Ness
The Effectiveness of Eye-Witness Identification Procedures in England and Wales and Young Adults with High Functioning Autism: Implications for Policy and Practice
Tania Laurance Dr L Lazard
Dr R Capdevila
Sexuality and Social Media: Exploring Young Women's Experiences of Social Media Sites
Spyridon Logothetis Dr E Andreouli
Prof J Dixon
"Let's build a home". Reconstruction of place, identity and citizenship through migration
Deborah McGregor Prof P Stenner
Dr PF Tremlett (Religious Studies)
Voices from the other side: comparing the experience of the funeral service for the bereaved and the death workers
Reuben Moreton Dr C Havard
Dr A Strathie
Developing and evaluating a training and competency framework for forensic facial identification
Elizabeth O'Rouke-Scott Dr R Capdevila
Dr JM McAvoy
How do two Generations of Irish Women Negotiate the Subject Position of 'Young Single Mother'
Michelle Oldale Dr N Moller
Prof D Langdridge
Between Shame and Pride - The Nature and Experience of the Double Shame Bind in Fat Activist Communities
Olga Plakhotnik Prof D Langdridge
Prof J Gabb (Social Policy & Criminology)
Queer(y)ing kinship in Postsocialist world: Non-heterosexual families of the intersection of Nationalism, (post) Coloniality and Capitalism
Eliot Porritt Dr H Ness
Dr V Harrison
The Use of Super Recognisers in Criminal Investigations
Louise Richardson Dr N Moller
Dr A Vossler
Exploring influences on perceptions of recovery in anorexia nervosa
Christine Ruschak Prof M Fenton-O'Creevy (FBL)
Dr R Prabhakar (Economics)
Does Psychology Offer a Better Guide Than Economics to Understanding Individual Financial Behaviour
Steve Window Dr G Briggs
Prof G Pike
Human error in the Maritime Domain
Students being supervised by Psychology staff that aren’t registered in the school
Name Supervisor from Psychology Discipline/Faculty
Anna Colom Dr R Capdevila Citizenship Pathway (POLIS), FASS
Alex Dawson Dr V Harrison Life, Health& Chemical Sciences, Science
Amy Dean Dr L Lazard Sociology, FASS
Jade Levell Dr J Motzkau Social Work, WELS
Tom Witney Prof D Langdridge HWSC, WELS
Elizabeth Chappell Dr J Byford English, FASS
Karl Jeffries Dr A Green Design, STEM

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