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Manual in Progress

This page features brief articles of between 100 and 1000 words, gathering information on different strands of the project area. Articles of a specific strand are grouped together.

The debate page is central to developing a Manual for Entrepreneurial Literary Research. The investigators will gather material here which clarifies the existing infrastructures and initiatives in the United Kingdom and Brazil which encourage collaboration between literary research and businesses. No endorsements or publicity material will feature here.

Additional information, and responses to and comments on postings here are welcome from all, and will be posted.

Authors alone are responsible for the views expressed in postings and comments, and for checking sources and evidence cited.


Is it possible?
Renan Salmistraro, UNICAMP Brazil

Creative Writing

The possibility of social entrepreneurship?
Dr Derek Neale, The Open University

Professor Steve May, Bath Spa University

Literary Heritage and Tourism Studies

Nicola J. Watson
A slideshow to accompany her presentation.

Nicola J Watson, Professor of English Literature, Open University

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