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Dr Aditya Ray

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Professional biography

Aditya Ray is currently an ESRC funded postdoctoral research fellow in the Faculty of Social Sciences (FASS). He holds a PhD in Geography from Queen Mary University of London and Master's degrees in Development Studies and German Studies.

Aditya's research interests lie at the broad intersections of digital work, labour and technology studies, urban geography and development. Aditya recently completed his PhD, an ethnographic research project, exploring the geographies of working lives in India's 'digitally-enabled' new services economy. Aditya is currently working on a book project based on this research.

As the ESRC research fellow of the Grand Union DTP (aligned to UK government's industrial strategy), Aditya is extending his PhD research through publications, research communication and impact development activities in the UK, North America and India. Alongside above engagements, Aditya is also conducting research on various aspects of India's digital economy and its further expansion to Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities, collaborating with key industry partners and experts there.

Research interests

Identity, Inclusion and Exclusion in the Digital Economy; Hybrid Labour Geographies of the Global South; Notions of Professionalism and its Subjective Purchase in the New Economy; Social Infrastructures of IT-oriented Development beyond Megacity Fringes; Postcolonial, and Heterodox Critique of Classical Approaches to Modernisation and Development; Ethnography; Methodological Innovations in Research; Positionality and Ethics in Research Practice

Teaching interests

Aditya has a keen interest in teaching.

Aditya is currently an external supervisor for the MA Digital Media and Society Programme at the School of Sociological Studies, University of Sheffield

He has previously contributed to the organisation and evaluation of several undergraduate modules in School of Geography at Queen Mary University of London, including those dealing with Research Methods and Practice, Economic Geography, Global Development, Reinventing Britain and Geography in the World. He has also assisted undegraduate field-visits and deliveres lectures on invitation.

Impact and engagement


Ray, A. (2020). Judith Bessant, The Great Transformation: History for a Techno-Human Future. Competition & Change.

Ray, A. (2020). Book Review: Enda Brophy, Language Put to Work: The Making of the Global Call Centre Workforce. Work, Employment and Society.

Ray, A. (2019). Unrest in India’s Gig Economy: Ola-Uber Drivers’ Strikes and Worker Organisation. Futures of Work. Volume 10 [online] Available at:

Submitted Papers

Labour Geographies of India’s New Services: Conceptualising Agency Beyond Binaries of Organisational Control and Resistance in Customer-Interactive Work

IT-Oriented Infrastructures, Co-dependent Urbanisation, and Reconfiguration of Spatial Poltics in Pune, India

Understanding and Addressing India's Employment and Migrant Crisis in the Post-Covid Context. Interview discussion with Prof Amit Basole

Grant Award

ESRC Postdoc Fellowship (2019-2020)

Recent Workshops and Conference Presentations

• August 2020: Organiser and Presenter for Paper Session ‘Labour, Work-Life and the Urban’, RGS-IBG 2020 Conference, London. (Postponed)
• July 2020: 10th Summer Institute in Economic Geography, Montreal Canada (Postponed)
•June 2020: ‘Emerging Youth Subjectivities in Digital India’, The Royal Anthropological Institute and RGS Anthropology and Geography: Dialogues Past, Present and Future Conference, London, UK (Postponed to Septmber 2020)
•April 2020: Co-Organiser and Chair for Paper Session ‘Doing labour geography beyond the core' at the AAG, sponsored by the Economic Geography and Asian Geographies Research Group, Denver, USA ((Postponed)
•September 2019: Associated Infrastructures of India’s IT-oriented Services Economy at RC-21 Sociology of Urban & Regional Development Conference, Delhi, India
•August 2019: Extending the ‘Hybrid’ Economic/Development Geographies from the Global South at RGS-IBG Conference, London, UK
•June 2019:Re-Conceptualising Precarity 'from below': Labour Market Uncertainties and Work-Life Strategies of Domestic-Facing Call Centre Workers The Society for Socio-Economics (SASE) Annual Conference, The New School of Social Research, New York, USA
•March 2019: Gendered Working-Lives in India’s New Services, Gender and Working Lives Symposium, University of Cambridge, UK
•August 2018: Navigating 'New' Precarities: Labour Geographies of Lower-Middle Class Domestic-BPO Agents in an Emerging Metropolis at the RGS-IBG Conference, Cardiff, UK
•April 2018: Experiences of Employment, Training and Career-Building amongst Lower-Middle Class Youth in Pune’s Domestic-BPO Firms, The Annual American Associations of Geographers Conference in New Orleans, USA