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Dr Jon Mulberg

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Profile summary

Professional biography

Jon has taught in a large number of universities, in Social Science and in Management. He has also worked for the UK Data Archive. His recent teaching includes Introducing the Social Sciences (DD102), Economics in context (DD126) and Environment: sharing a dynamic planet (DST206). Previously he has taught on the Social Science Postgraduate Programme



In Progress

  Journal Article

‘Towards a Foucauldian Archaeology of Economics’ for the Cambridge Journal of Economics, Special Issue: Ontology and the History of Economic Thought, (under review).

Growth (or degrowth) of what? A new direction for a Green New Deal, New Left Review (under review)


Heterodox Economics, Health and Emergencies: Views from around the world, Edited by Jon Mulberg (Open University), Eurydice Fotopoulou, Ariane Agunsoye (Goldsmiths College, University of London), and Thoralf Dassler (University of Westminster): Routledge (under review)

Environment and the Politics of Economic ‘Truth’: Book will develop a Foucauldian archaeology of Economics to inform a new transdisciplinary approach to the political economy of the Risk Society.

In Print


Social Limits to Economic Theory [2013]. Book concerns a methodological investigation into economic theory and the history of economic thought, and the problem of deriving a positive policy science. E-book edition, London: Routledge. (1st ed 1995)

Limites Sociais Á Teoria Económica [2000] Lisbon: Instituto Piaget

Survey Data in Teaching [2004] (Colchester: UK Data Archive). A wide range of printed and electronic teaching materials for the teaching of quantitative methods in universities and colleges, including guides to on-line UKDA software on a JISC-funded project re-purposing survey databases for teaching. Spanish translation 2008

Figuring Figures: An Introductory Guide to Data Analysis [2002] London: Prentice-Hall

Como Descifrar Cifras [2005] US: Fondo de Cultura Economica Sept. 2005.

Routledge Encyclopaedia of International Political Economy [2001] London: Routledge (Associate editor)

Book Chapter

‘The Risk Society and the Ontology of Economics’ in Contemporary Issues in Heterodox Economics: Implications for Theory and Policy Action, Routledge/ Association of Heterodox Economics,  [2020] London: Routledge


‘The Challenge of Environmental Governance: Ecology and the Need for a Heterodox Political Economy’ Journal of Australian Political Economy No. 80, 2017

‘Sociology and Environment: The State of the debate’, Global Environmental Politics 2002

‘Cash for Answers: The association between local government finance and school performance tables’, Sociological Research Online, Vol5 (iii) November 2000.

‘On the Theory of Political and Social Economics: a response’, Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, Vol. 10 ii (1999) pp.153-158.

‘Economics: Who needs it?' Policy Options 18(7) Sept. 1997 pp. 28-30.

‘Market Socialism: Old and New Debates’, Working paper series, Centre for Law and Economics, University of Ulster Jan. 1997

‘Environmental Planning, Economic Planning and Political Economy', International Sociology, Dec. 1996 pp. 441-56.

‘Modernity and Environmental Economics: A Sociological Critique', Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science, 9(4) Dec. 1996 pp.435-48

‘Environment, Growth and Value Revisited', Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics, vol. 6 (1995) pp. 287-99

‘Who Rules the Market? Green and Ecosocialist Economic Programmes', Political Studies June 1992 pp.334-41.

‘Environment, Growth and Value', Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics vol. 2 no. 2 1987 pp. 131-42.

Edited Volumes

‘Cost-benefit analysis’ in the Routledge Encyclopedia of Environmental Politics, March 2001

Book Reviews

Malcolm Rutherford, Institutions in Economics, CUP 1995 Journal of Economic Issues 1997.

Tool and Swedberg (eds.) Handbook of Economic Sociology Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics 1995.

Burhs and Bartlett, Environmental Policy in New Zealand, OUP 1993, Environmental Politics 1994

Lincoln Allison, Ecology and Utilitarianism, Political Studies 1992.


‘Economics must return to its founding principles’ Letters,The Guardian 8 Jan 2017

‘Imagine if a citizen’s wage became a reality’, Letters, The Guardian 18 Apr 2016

Blog: Economics is contradictory and will never be able to properly consider the environment British Politics and Policy at LSE (21 Oct 2013)

‘Daddy scientist doesn't know best’ Times Higher Education (THE) 3 Sep 1999

'Whose Environment is it Anyway?', Green World, October 1995.

'Conservation: By Whom for Whom?', Greening The Planet, no. 3 Winter 1991/92.

Electronic Publications /Software

'Figure-It’ spreadsheet templates for tabular data analysis Companion website to Figuring Figures

Conference Papers

Present-day Economics as History: Towards an Archaeology of Economics Assn. Heterodox Economics annual conference, De Montford University 2018

Environmental sustainability and the politics of economic ‘truth’ Assn. Heterodox Economics annual conference, Manchester 2017

Re- centring nature: towards a new research agenda’ Assn Heterodox Economics annual conference, Southampton 2015

‘Environmental Economics: Towards a New Research Agenda’, 19th SCEME Seminar in Economic Methodology "Methodology of Economics and the Natural Environment", University of the West of England, Bristol, UK, 2014

 ‘The Poverty of Envrionmental Economics’, ‘Politics of Markets’, conference at University of Westminster June 2013

‘The Poverty of Envrionmental Economics’, 14th Conference of the Association for Heterodox Economics: Joint conference AHE, IIPPE, FAPE, Political economy and the outlook for capitalism Panthéon-Sorbonne University, Paris, France, July 2012

‘Towards an Institutionalist Political Economy of Allocation’ Cambridge Realist Workshop, Dept. of Economics, Cambridge University, March 2012

‘Towards an Institutionalist Political Economy of Allocation: Proposal for a Research Agenda'.  ECPR conference, Reykjavik 2011

'The rise and fall of Cost-benefit Analysis', 4th. annual meeting on the Instituto Piaget, April 1997.

'Environment and the need for a Socio-Economics', Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics annual conference, Geneva, July 1996.

'Dialogic Democracy and the New Market Socialism', European Association for Evolutionary Economics, Krakow, 1995.

'Modernity and Environmental Economics: A Sociological Critique', European Sociological Association, Budapest 1995.

'Market Socialism revisited again: more old and new debates', Political Studies Association, York University, April 1995.

'Environmental planning, economic planning and political economy', paper selected for final round of International Sociological Association 2nd worldwide competition., delivered at XIII th. world congress, Bielefeld, Germany, 1994.

'Economics and the impossibility of environmental valuation', Values and the Environment conference, Surrey University 1993.

'Environment: the inadequacy of economic theory', Interdisciplinary Research Network for Environment and Society, 2nd Annual conference, Sheffield University 1993.

'Environment and the Limits of Economic Theory', British Sociological Assn. Annual conference, Kent University, April 1992.

'Market Socialism: Old and New Debates', Political Studies Assn. Annual Conference, Lancaster, April 1991.

'Environment and the Limits of Economic Theory', European Association for Evolutionary Economics, Florence, 1990.


Research interests

Political Economy, Ecological Economics, History and Philosophy of Political Economy, Philosophy of Social Science

Teaching interests

Have taught on a variety of Social Science courses, also developed material for introductory statistics courses.


Impact and engagement

Membership Secretary and Management Committee member, Association of Heterodox Economists. Participant Cambridge Social Ontology Group (Dept of Economics). Previously Review Editor, Journal of Interdisciplinary Economics.

External collaborations

Grant Applications: 2015 & 2016: EU Horizons 2020 project, Marie-Curie Fellowship €212,195 ‘Growth of What? Towards a New Social Economy of Sustainable Growth’, in collaboration with Roskilde University.

 August 1996: Visiting Fellow, University of Wageningen


Economics as the scientization of politics (2021-11-20)
Mulberg, Jon
Journal of Philosophical Economics, Volume XIV(1-2) (pp. 227-238)