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Dr Ole Jensen

Ole Jensen

Profile summary

Professional biography

Associate lecturer at FASS and STEM.

Research interests

Since moving to the UK in 2006, Ole's research interests have focused on diversity, inter-group relations and socio-cultural dynamics in urban neighbourhoods. His first project, exploring community relations over a 50 year period in urban Surrey, was based on residential, ethnographic field work in 'his' own neighbourhood. While employed from 2011-15 at the Centre on Migration, Policy and Society (COMPAS) at the University of Oxford, Ole led fieldwork on different aspects of integration, with particular focus on emerging forms of superdiversity in inner-city South London.

Most recently, Ole has completed a HLF-funded project addressing issues relating to football fan cultures, neighbourhood and belonging in South London. Based on the collection and analysis of oral histories from in particular black Millwall fans, the project explored how 'doing' football' - as in playing, watching, talking about -  constitutes a social field that cuts across otherwise racially coded urban landscapes.


Publications (selected)


Jensen, O. (2019) Neighbourhood and community, article for Encyclopaedia in Human Geography 2019 (in press).


Jensen, O. (2018) Millwall's changing communities: Memories of football and neighbourhood in South London, Bede House (36p booklet summarising project findings).

Haydon, C., Jensen, O. Millwall, black and white: A portrait from the terraces (1 hour documentary).


Jensen, O. (2017) Superdiversity in the post-industrial city: A  comparative analysis of backlash narratives in six European neighbourhoods, Policy and Politics, vol 45 (3).

Jensen, O. (2017) Immigrant integration mainstreaming at city level, in Scholten, P., van Breugel, I. (eds), Mainstreaming integration governance: New trends in migrant integration governance in Europe, Palgrave Macmillan, pp 71-91.

Jensen, O. (2017) Dealing with diversity in English schools: A review of policy and practice, in Alleman-Ghionda, C., Kula, G. (eds) Diversität in europäischen Bildungssystemen und in der Lehrer_innenbildung, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang Edition, 131-150.


Jensen, O. , B. Gidley (2016) ‘They’ve got their wine bars, we’ve got our pubs’: Housing, diversity and community in two South London neighbourhoods, in Pastore et al (eds), Changing neighbourhoods: Inter-group relations and migrant integration in European cities. Springer Verlag.


Jensen, O. (2015) Integration mainstreaming in practice; Case study of the UK (research report)


Jensen, O. (2014) Multiculturally yours; the neighbourhood as lived diversity, in Andersson, B., M. Keith (eds) Migration: The COMPAS Anthology. Oxford: COMPAS, 186-188.

Jensen, O. (2014) The dynamics of Pakistani state-building and Balti migration practices, in Andersson, B., M. Keith (eds) Migration: The COMPAS Anthology. Oxford: COMPAS, 198-199.


Jensen, O. (2013) ‘Your ghetto, my comfort zone; a life story analysis of inter-generational housing outcomes and residential geographies in urban south-east England, Identities: Global Studies in Culture and Power, vol 20(4). 438-454 










Teaching interests

Ole's teaching has, since joining the OU in 2009, largely focused on the nature-society realm. He has been teaching U116 ('Journeys through a changing world') since 2009, and DD213 ('Environment and Society') since 2018. Additionally, I havee has also taught one presentation of DD101 (10b) and one presentation of DD308 (16j).

In terms of study skills, he has developed a particular interest in the development of strategies for effective assignment feedback, with particular focus on feed forward practices. The PI in his HEA Fellowship also focused on feedback dynamics, with particular focus on essay feedback.