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Professor Chris Emlyn-Jones

Profile summary

Professional biography

Chris Emlyn-Jones became Emeritus Professor in the Department at the end of 2009. He is currently preparing a new Loeb edition of Plato’s Republic. His research interests more generally are Platonic dialogues as dramatic art; Plato's reception of Greek drama. The role of commentaries of Plato in the presentation of his philosophy. The reception of Plato in modern scholarship. Homer and critical analysis.

Research interests

Selected Publications

‘Plato commentaries for the student of Greek’ in Old Wine in new Bottles: Texts for Classics in a Changed Learning Environment at University, eds. D Fitzpatrick, L Hardwick, S. Ireland and D. Montserrat, Milton Keynes, Open University, 2002, 71-78. ISBN 0-7492-9613-5

‘The dramatic poet and his audience: Agathon and Socrates in Plato’s Symposium’, Hermes, Zeitschrift fűr Klassische Philologie 132(4) (2004) 389-405

Plato, Gorgias, Translated with Introduction, Commentary and Notes, pp. viii-155, Harmondsworth, Penguin, 2004. ISBN 0-140-44904-3

‘The Homeric poems: ancient and modern perspectives’, in Experiencing the Classical World, ed. P.Perkins, Milton Keynes, Open University, 2006, 47-68. IBSN 0-7492-9659-3

Plato, Republic 1-2.368c4, Introduction, Text, Translation and Commentary, pp. v-194. Oxford, Oxbow books (Aris and Phillips Classical Texts Series), 2007. ISBN 978-0-85668-762-4 cloth; 978-085668-757-0 paper.

‘Poets on Socrates’ stage: Plato’s reception of dramatic art’, in L.P.Hardwick and C.Stray, eds. Companion to Classical Receptions, Oxford, Blackwell Publishers. 2007, 38-49. ISBN 9781405151672

‘‘The Reunion of Penelope and Odysseus’’, in Oxford Readings in Homer ed. L. Doherty ed. Homer's Odyssey (Oxford Readings in Classical Studies), 2009,  208-30. ISBN-13: 978-0199233335)


Plato, Republic, 2 vols. (Loeb) Edited, with Introduction, Text, Translation and Notes (in collaboration with W.M Preddy), Cambridge MA / London, Harvard University Press.

Paper for 2008 Open University Reception Project conference, ICS 5th-6th Nov 2008: ‘Philosophy and scholarship in reception studies: the case of Plato’.


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ISBN : 9781405151672 | Publisher : Blackwell Publishing | Published : Oxford, UK

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