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The development of an interdisciplinary theoretical framework for Forest School in the United Kingdom (2023)
Knight, Sara; Coates, Janine Kim; Lathlean, Judith and Perez-del-Aguila, Rossana
British Educational Research Journal ((Early access))

Children's Perceptions of Participation Within Their Families: Listening to Children of Bolivian Families Living in Madrid (2023-06-09)
Perez-del-Aguila, Rossana; Aguirre, Patricia Rodriguez and Blanco, Jimena Cuba
In: Frankel, Sam ed. Establishing Child Centred Practice in a Changing World, Part B. Emerald Studies in Child Centred Practice (pp. 141-163)
ISBN : 978-1-80455-940-6 | Publisher : Emerald Publishing Limited

'No choice' but remote learning: non-traditional students making sense of social research methods (2023)
Perez-del-Aguila, Rossana; Allison, Heather and Kazmi, Naveed
In: Nind, Melanie ed. Handbook of Teaching and Learning Social Research Methods (pp. 255-271)
ISBN : 978 1 80088 426 7 | Publisher : Edward Elgar Publishing