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Development Podcasts 2016

Making Medicines in Africa

OU academics are researching the interconnection between industrial development and health in Africa.

They contributed to a book, Making Medicines in Africa, on the topic.

In this video, the Maureen Mackintosh, Professor of Economics at the OU and Dr Julius Mugwagwa, Lecturer in Development Policy and Governance, explain why there needs to be more emphasis on Africa making their own medicines.

Read more about the OU's research in International Development.

Limits without Scarcity

OU International Development Seminar Series

Professor Giorgos Kallis revisits the notion of limits. Although since Malthus limits and scarcity have been used as the justification of what has been framed as their opposite – growth and progress – de-growth environmentalism calls for collective self-limitation as the only way towards egalitarian abundance.

Innovative Spending in Health: Unpacking the Global Evidence

OU International Development Seminar Series

Based on findings from his 3-year ESRC-funded project, Innovative Spending in Global Health, Julius Mugwagwa analyses evidence from South Africa, the UK and Zimbabwe, before exploring the theoretical, policy and practice implications, particularly for inclusive and sustainable health.

Informality as a Continuum: Evidence from Four Furniture Manufacturing Clusters in Kenya

OU International Development Seminar Series

Currently, firms tend to be classified as belonging to the formal or informal sector. Using evidence from furniture manufacturing firms in Kenya, Richmond Atta-Ankomah argues that the informal sector is inherently heterogeneous and informality is best described as a continuum.

Discussion: Just Give Money to the Poor

The panel discuss the two newly published books Just Give Money to the Poor and What Works for the Poorest . This event - Just give money to the poor and what works for the poorest. 

Dr. Joseph Hanlon, senior Lecturer,Development Policy and Practice at Open University is one of the participant and author of Just Give Money to the Poor. 

Land Distribution in Zimbabwe

Dr. Joseph Hanlon, senior Lecturer,Development Policy and Practice at Open University, gives the historical background of land redistribution in Zimbabwe. He argues that several prominent Settlers have predicted that land ownership will be contentious issue in Zimbabwe.

Biomedical Technologies

Rebecca Hanlin discusses biomedical technologies in a global development context. 

Innogen research on existing biomedical technologies highlights the multiplicity of factors that impact, because we take a novel social-science based approach.

Agro-biotechnology and Food Security

Julius Mugwagwa discusses agro-biotechnology and food security.

By working across sectors and advocating a multi-layered approach, Innogen helps countries find solutions to successfully harness and govern these new technologies.

Regulation and Innovation

Dinar Kale discusses regulation and innovation. 

Innovation and regulation go hand-in-hand. Innogen works hard to understand this interconnected relationship in order to ensure that safety is maintained without stifling advances that can help improve and save lives.

Innovation for Pro-Poor Growth

Innogen hosted an ESRC Festival of Social Science event on "Innovation Generation: Shaping a New World".

In this 20x20-style video, Rebecca Hanlin discusses innovations for pro-poor growth. Innogen puts forward its thinking on promoting and supporting entrepreneurship to raise the income, welfare and agency of the poorest in society.

Why Innogen's Work Matters: Prof. David Wield

Innogen pioneers approaches that connect people, policy and practice to innovative solutions for real world problems.

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