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Doreen Massey and the Ecology of the Left: A memorial

Saturday, October 8, 2016 - 11:00 to 17:00
Royal Geographical Society, London

Doreen was exhilarated by the possibilities offered by Jeremy Corbyn's election as leader of the Labour Party while, at the same time, infuriated by the impact of neoliberalism and its associated veneration of finance capital.

At this event we will work with Doreen's ideas in order to analyse this current state of affairs.

Honouring her legacy, we hope to generate new insights and action.  We are using her ideas to generate new insights and action for political possibilities in the contemporary conjuncture.

The event will focus on four themes:

  • spatial justice and the state
  • political solidarities
  • new spatial divisions of labour
  • environmental politics

There will be a mix of keynote speakers and workshops to enable participants to engage in collective thinking and debate about spatial politics today.

Event Programme

11:00  Opening Remarks by Joe Painter (Durham) Framings by Dave Featherstone (Glasgow), Marina Prentoulis (East Anglia), Bob Colenutt (Northampton)

13:30  Workshops

           Spatial Justice and the State led by Joe Painter & Athina Arampatzi (Leeds)

           Political Solidarities led by Ellie Jupp (Kent) & Diarmaid Kelliher (Glasgow)

           New Spatial Divisions of Labour led by Ashok Kumar (Queen Mary) & Guppi Bola (NEF)

           Environmental Politics led by Kathryn Yusoff (Queen Mary) & James Marriott (Schumacher College)

15:00  Discussants: Jeremy Gilbert (UEL), Jane Wills (QueenMary), Richard Meegan (Bristol)

Registration for this event is required.

An evening event will follow looking back over Doreen's contributions to geographical thinking and looking forward to the ways in which her ideas remain vital for thinking about politics today.

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