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Contemporary Cultures of Writing 2019 Spring Seminars Announced

Through presentations by academics, critics, and writers, the spring 2019 seminar series organised by the Contemporary Cultures of Writing Research Group at The Open University will seek to engage with issues of representation and modes of narration, auto/biographical production and reception, and the impact of new technologies on presentation of self and other.

11th January 2019
OU/BBC Icons

New OU/BBC Series: ICONS

A new OU/BBC series, ICONS, in which viewers can vote for their favourite 20th-century figure, starts on Tuesday 8th January on BBC2 at 9pm. The FASS's academic consultants on the series are Dr Richard Jones and Dr Luc-André Brunet.

8th January 2019

OpenTALKS: Anna Plassart ‘Reimagining Democracy: Lessons from The French Revolution’

Lecture 5 imageFor many people looking on, France’s descent into violence illustrated the dangers of democratic and populist politics.

10th December 2018

OpenTALKS: John Slight ‘British Imperialist Visions of Islamic States’

This talk will explain how Britain’s imperial attempts to manipulate Islam in the nineteenth century ultimately failed.

10th December 2018

OpenTALKS: Richard Marsden ‘National Histories and National Identities; British Devolution Past and Future’

Lecture 3 imageIn this talk, Dr Richard Marsden will explore how changing ideas about the past have contributed to the unprecedented existential challenges now facing the British state.

10th December 2018

OpenTALKS: Neil Younger ‘Making This Realm of England an Empire: The Tudors, Europe and The Reformation’

Lecture 2 imageThis talk will consider whether relations between Tudor England and Europe in the sixteenth century ca offer any lessons for remaking our relationship with Europe in the twenty-first.

10th December 2018

OpenTALKS: Luc-Andre Brunet 'With Europe, But Not of It? Why Britain Joined The European Community'

Lecture 1 imageWhen the European Community was set up in 1958, Britain declined to join. By 1961, however, the British Government had completely reversed that position.

10th December 2018

Me? I Just Put British!

Arising from a research project on Participation Arts and Social Action in Research led by Dr. Umut Erel, Sociology, Maggie O'Neill, University of York and Tracey Reynolds, University of Greenwich, Erene Kaptani with a group of participants has devised a performance piece on migrant women and citizenship, to be shown at Rich Mix, London, 31 January 2019. All welcome!

3rd December 2018

FASS Hosts Creative Writing Event with Bloomsbury Publishing

Last week, The Open University and Bloomsbury Publishing delivered a sold-out Creative Writing event at FutureLearn in central London. Students and members of the public came together to enjoy a day of writing and publishing advice from authors and industry professionals.

23rd November 2018

The Future of Co-operation: What Challenges Can It Meet? What Challenges Does It Face?

The seminar, organised by Development Policy and Practice at The Open University, will focus initially on two thematic areas, education, and social and economic hardship,  and then broaden out to reflect on the potential and challenges of co-operation more widely. Speakers will present from their own research and/or practical experience followed by discussion.

19th November 2018

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