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Religious Studies Employability and Careers

Will having a qualification which has included some Religious Studies help me get a job? Can it advance my career? It can be important to ask yourself these questions before you consider your options for study.

There is some flexibility to include Religious Studies as part of your studies towards various Open University qualifications. For example, you might complete a BA (Hons) Arts and Humanities degree with a specialism in Religious Studies or two specialisms (combining Religious Studies with another discipline). Alternatively you might work towards the Open Degree, which allows you to study across a range of disciplines both within and outside the arts and humanities.

Why might you incorporate study of religion as part of your OU qualification? Religious Studies modules at the OU provide important perspectives on human culture, everyday life and a range of national and global political and social issues. The modules aim to develop knowledge and skills which can be relevant to various jobs and careers. You might be interested to know that a 2007 report by the Higher Education Academy said that graduates in Theology and Religious Studies (TRS) are ‘highly employable, offering multidisciplinary and inter-disciplinary skills, and detailed knowledge of diverse views and issues’.

Religious Studies modules at the OU can also equip you with potentially valuable ‘transferable’ employability skills, such as the ability to:

  • Think clearly and logically
  • Interpret and synthesise information
  • Communicate and express ideas and information
  • Organise and work to deadlines
  • Empathise with and understand the views and practices of others
  • Use IT skills
  • Engage with others
  • Work independently

There is also information on employability and Theology and Religious Studies in the HEA report Employability: Where next? Unlocking the potential of your theology or religious studies degree and at

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