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Reading Classical Greek

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  2. Introducing Ancient Greek
  3. A275 Reading Classical Greek: Language and Literature
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Interactive Quizzes

Reading Greek grammar and exercises - book coverWelcome to the Open University Reading Classical Greek site.  The interactive quizzes below are designed for students studying Ancient Greek using the Reading Greek series of textbooks (JACT/Cambridge University Press).  The quizzes allow you to test yourself on the grammar you meet at different stages of the course.

Just click on the links to begin.  Each quiz will open in a new window. You can attempt each quiz as many times as you like, using the feedback to improve your score.

Quiz 1 (covering up to Section 1D of Reading Greek)

Quiz 2 (covering up to Section 2D of Reading Greek)

Quiz 3 (covering up to Section 3E of Reading Greek)

Quiz 4 (covering up to Section 6B of Reading Greek)

Quiz 5 (covering up to Section 6D of Reading Greek)

Quiz 6 (covering up to Section 7H of Reading Greek)

Quiz 7 (covering up to Section 9J of Reading Greek)

New to Ancient Greek? 

If you are just starting out in Classical Greek, then try the Open University website, Introducing Ancient Greek.  This allows you to familiarize yourself with the letters and sounds of Ancient Greek, gives you practice at forming Greek words, and introduces you to simple Greek sentences.

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A275 Reading Classical Greek: Language and Literature

This module combines an introduction to classical Greek language with the study of classical Greek culture and literature in translation. It is intended for beginners in Greek and assumes no previous experience of language learning. Using the JACT Reading Greek books, this module teaches you basic vocabulary and grammar and sets you on the way to reading Greek texts in the original. Reading Classical Greek also develops your knowledge of the culture and literature of the classical era and includes the study, in translation, of three of the era’s most enduring texts: Euripides’ Medea, Aristophanes’ Clouds and Plato’s Defence of Socrates. This module is ideal both for students new to the discipline of classical studies and for anyone wising to expand their knowledge of the rich thought-world of classical Greece.

Follow this link for more information.

A275 reading and resources book coverA275 language study guide cover


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