In addition, the following resources are available:

Greek history, literature, and culture

OpenLearn: Introducing Homer’s Iliad

OpenLearn: Icarus: entering the world of myth

Roman history, literature, and culture

OpenLearn: Introducing Virgil’s Aeneid

Pelagios Roman Empire map


OpenLearn: Discovering Ancient Greek and Latin

OpenLearn: Continuing classical Latin

Classical reception

Practitioners’ Voices in Classical Reception Studies journal


Classics Confidential podcasts on a variety of topics

The Votives Project blog

Classics Education livestream event, where we discussed Greek drama, votives, teaching Classical Studies, and had an interview with Professor Edith Hall

Advocating Classics Education website, of which we are a partner institution

Outreach Talks

Our research covers the entire ancient Mediterranean, and touches on the full remit of Classical Studies, from archaic Greek literature to the archaeology of the Roman world. Our people would be delighted to give bespoke talks in schools or to other groups in the following subject areas:

Ursula Rothe: Roman society, Roman dress, Roman provinces, Roman historical authors, Roman army, Roman archaeology

Jan Haywood: ancient Greek history, ancient Greek historians, Homer, classical reception, ancient Greek religion, ancient Greek divination/oracles

Elton Barker: Achilles and the Iliad, Odysseus and the Odyssey, Greek tragedy, Digital Classics and Herodotus

James Robson: Aristophanes, Greek sex and sexuality

Christine Plastow: Classical Athens, Athenian democracy, Athenian law, ancient rhetoric and public speaking, Greek drama

Emma-Jayne Graham: Roman death and burial, Roman religion, Roman archaeology

Joanna Paul: classical reception topics, particularly the ancient world in films and other aspects of contemporary popular culture

Naoko Yamagata: Homer, Virgil. E.g.: Female Warriors in Homer, Virgil and Medieval Japan; The World of Helen: Female perspectives in Homer; Listening to Odysseus: different voices in Homer; Young and Old in Homer and the Tale of the Heike; Names in Homer and in Linear B.

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