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Recent Successful Theses

Stuart McKie
The Social Significance of Curse Tablets in the Latin West
(Supervisors: P Perkins, U Rothe and E-J Graham; completed 2017)
Mair Lloyd
Living Latin: sociocultural theory and the communicative approach in face-to-face and online Latin teaching and learning
(Supervisors: E M Betts, R Hampel, U Stickler and L Murphy; completed 2016)
Mia Ridge
Crowdsourcing, Participant Digitisation and the Geo-Location of Historical Materials
(Supervisors: E Barker and Deborah Brunton; completed 2016)
Bijon Sinha
Crete and the Cretans of Euripides: Perceptions and Representations
(Supervisors: E Barker, L Hardwick and J Robson; completed 2016) 
Rebecca Fallas (Full-time)
Infertility, blame and responsibility in the Hippocratic Corpus
(Supervisors: H King, J Robson, and J Hughes; completed 2016)
P Jackson (Part-time)
De natura deorum Epicureorum
(Supervisors: S Chappell and N Yamagata; completed 2015)
Amanda Potter (Part-time) 
Viewer Reception of Classical Myth in Xena: Princess and Charmed
(Supervisor: P James and G  Nisbet; completed 2014)
P Rochelle (Part-time)
Using and Abusing Children in Greek Tragedy
(Supervisors: L Hardwick, V Hope, F Macintosh; completed 2012) 
C Jackson (Part-time)
What’s Hebuca to Him or He to Hecuba
(Supervisors: L Hardwick, R Hazel and J Robson; completed 2012)
H Stead (Full time)
Catullus in the Cockney School: A Study of Catullan Reception in the Keats Circle
(Supervisor: L Hardwick, T Fear and S Harrison; completed 2011) 
J Peake (Part-time)
Tragic Apollo in Fifth-Century Athens: Texts and Contexts
(Supervisors: L Hardwick, N Yamagata and F Budelmann; completed 2011)
C Andrews (Part-time)
Roman Seal Boxes in BritainRoman Seal Boxes in Britain
(Supervisor: P Perkins and E Swift; completed 2011)
M Nolan (Part-time) 
The interaction of the philosophical and dramatic elements in the Socratic dialogues of Plato 
(Supervisor: C Emlyn-Jones; completed 2009)
A Wrigley (Part-time)
The reception of ancient Greek tragedy in Britain outside the academy in the mid-20th Century (c1914 - c1969)
(Supervisor: L Hardwick; completed 2009)
M J Morris (Part-time) 
A manly desire to learn: the study of the Classics in nineteenth century Scotland 
(Supervisor: L Hardwick; completed 2009)

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