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Moving on to A105

Voices, texts and material culture (A105) is a 60-credit interdisciplinary module which is designed to follow our core introductory course in Arts and Humanities, The Arts past and present (AA100), and builds upon skills and knowledge developed by studying that course.  If you have already studied The Arts Past and Present you will have encountered several of the academic subjects in Voices, texts and material culture: art history, classical studies, history, literature, music, philosophy, religious studies, but you will also be introduced to two additional subjects, creative writing and English language studies.

The Arts past and present offers a broad introduction to the study of the arts and humanities and to the University as a whole, so no assumptions are made about the knowledge or education you bring.

Voices, texts and material culture is designed as a progression from The Arts past and present, enabling you to build appropriate new skills and preparing you for study at Level 2. You are therefore very strongly recommended to study The Arts past and present before registering for Voices, texts and material culture.

However, if you are following a different study pathway and are approaching Voices, texts and material culture without previous study of The Arts past and present, you will find it helpful to work through the materials from AA100 selected here.

Whether or not you have previously studied The Arts past and present, you will find it useful to review some sections of the AA100 course materials as you move on to A105. Follow the Preparing for A105 link on the left for some materials that will provide useful background for your study of Voices, texts and material culture.

Sample study material

Looking at, describing and identifying objects on OpenLearn will enable you to practise and develop your skills of observation and description of objects. It will also enable you to interpret objects and work towards writing your own object life cycle. You will also work with, and understand artefact databases.

Duration 2 hours. Introductory level.

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