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Publications and Resources

Online Training:

- Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene, Participatory theatre as a social research method.


- O’Neill, Maggie; Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene; Reynolds, Tracey (2018) Participatory Theatre and Walking as Social Research Methods - A Toolkit.

Policy Briefing:

- Reynolds, Tracey; Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene; Khan, Omar; O'Neill Maggie (2017), Practice Policy Briefing. Participatory Action Research Engaging marginalised communities in policy and practice.

Academic Papers:

- Erel, Umut, Tracey Reynolds, and Erene Kaptani (2017), "Migrant mothers’ creative interventions into racialized citizenship." Ethnic and Racial Studies: 1-18.

- Erel, Umut, Tracey Reynolds, and Erene Kaptani (2017), "Participatory theatre for transformative social research." Qualitative Research 17.3: 302-312.

- O'Neill, Maggie (2017), "Walking, well-being and community: racialized mothers building cultural citizenship using participatory arts and participatory action research." Ethnic and Racial Studies (2017): 1-25.

- Reynolds, Tracey; Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene (2017), "Migrant Families: Performing Belonging and participation across private/public boundaries." Families, Relationships and Societies (forthcoming).


- Erel, Umut (2016), Is it possible to use creative methods to research migration and citizenship.


- Erel Umut, Erene Kaptani, Maggie O’Neill, Tracey Reynolds (2017), In a climate of hostility to migrants, can research methods create conviviality? NCRM Methods News.


- Erel, Umut, (2016), Modelling Engagement: Using theatre-based workshops to explore citizenship and research participation.

Online Articles:

- Erel, Umut, Maggie O’Neill, Tracey Reynolds, and Erene Kaptani (2017), "Crisis upon Crisis: Migrant Families with No Recourse to Public Funds", Discover Society.

- O’Neill, Maggie (2015), "Building cultural citizenship with women seeking refuge and asylum", Open Democracy, 10 June 2015.

- Reynolds, Tracey and Erel, Umut (2016), "Migrant Mothers: creative interventions into citizenship", Open Democracy, 22 January 2016.