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Publications and Resources

Short Film:

In this short film, participants reflect on how the project enabled them to share their experiences with each other, with researchers and also with practitioners and policy makers through conferences, Policy Days and a performance at the House of Commons in December 2017.

Online Training:

- Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene, Participatory theatre as a social research method.

- O’Neill, Maggie; Reynolds, Tracey, Walking as a participatory, performative and mobile method.


- O’Neill, Maggie; Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene; Reynolds, Tracey (2018) Participatory Theatre and Walking as Social Research Methods - A Toolkit.

Policy Briefing:

- Reynolds, Tracey; Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene; Khan, Omar; O'Neill Maggie (2017), Practice Policy Briefing. Participatory Action Research Engaging marginalised communities in policy and practice.

Academic Papers:

- Erel, Umut, Tracey Reynolds, and Erene Kaptani (2017), "Migrant mothers’ creative interventions into racialized citizenship." Ethnic and Racial Studies: 1-18.

- Erel, Umut, Tracey Reynolds, and Erene Kaptani (2017), "Participatory theatre for transformative social research." Qualitative Research 17.3: 302-312.

- O'Neill, Maggie (2017), "Walking, well-being and community: racialized mothers building cultural citizenship using participatory arts and participatory action research." Ethnic and Racial Studies (2017): 1-25.

- Reynolds, Tracey; Erel, Umut; Kaptani, Erene (2017), "Migrant Families: Performing Belonging and participation across private/public boundaries." Families, Relationships and Societies (forthcoming).


- Erel, Umut (2016), Is it possible to use creative methods to research migration and citizenship.


- Erel Umut, Erene Kaptani, Maggie O’Neill, Tracey Reynolds (2017), In a climate of hostility to migrants, can research methods create conviviality? NCRM Methods News.


- Erel, Umut, (2016), Modelling Engagement: Using theatre-based workshops to explore citizenship and research participation.

Online Articles:

- Erel, Umut, Maggie O’Neill, Tracey Reynolds, and Erene Kaptani (2017), "Crisis upon Crisis: Migrant Families with No Recourse to Public Funds", Discover Society.

- O’Neill, Maggie (2015), "Building cultural citizenship with women seeking refuge and asylum", Open Democracy, 10 June 2015.

- Reynolds, Tracey and Erel, Umut (2016), "Migrant Mothers: creative interventions into citizenship", Open Democracy, 22 January 2016.