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PhD Economics (SOAS University of London), MSc Development Economics (SOAS),  MSci Physics (University of Bristol).

Susan Newman joined the OU as Professor and Head of Economics in March 2020.

She has previously held positions at the University of West of England, the International Institute for Social Studies Erasmus University of Rotterdam, and The University of the Witwatersrand. Susan completed her PhD titled, "Futures markets and coffee prices" at the School of Oriental and African Studies in 2009.

Susan's research interests include the political economy of industrial development, the relationship between finance and production, and the social relations of production and exchange in agro-food commodity chains.

Susan is committed to the promotion of political economy, interdisicplinarity and pluralism in economics education. She is a member of Reteaching Economics, the International Initiative for Promoting  Political Economy (IIPPE), and Responsible Global Value Chains.

She is a senior research associate of the University of Johannesburg and affiliate of the Centre on Labour and Global Production (CLGP), Queen Mary University of London.

Susan currently serves on the editorial board for the Review of Radical Political Economics, having won the journal's best paper award in 2010 for her first academic publication on "Financialisation and the Changing Social Relations along Coffee Commodity Chains".


Current PhD Students:

Francis Garikayi



Nurture commodified? An investigation into commercial human milk supply chains (2022)
Newman, Susan and Nahman, Michal
Review of International Political Economy, 29(6) (pp. 1967-1986)

Feminist global political economies of work and social reproduction (2022)
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Mining in Africa after the supercycle: New directions and geographies (2021-12)
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Financialization and Global Commodity Chains: Distributional Implications for Cotton in Sub-Saharan Africa (2018-05-08)
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Development and Change, 49(3) (pp. 815-842)

Financialisation and the financial crisis the case of South Africa (2017-06)
Newman, Susan
New Agenda: South African Journal of Social and Economic Policy, 2017(65) (pp. 10-14)

From Futures Markets to the Farm Gate: A Study of Price Formation along Tanzania’s Coffee Commodity Chain (2017-03-15)
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Boom or bust: Coffee farmers seldom benefit (2010)
Newman, Susan
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Financialization and Changes in the Social Relations along Commodity Chains: The Case of Coffee (2009-11-27)
Newman, Susan
Review of Radical Political Economics, 41(4) (pp. 539-559)

Global Value Chains and Global Value Transfer (2022-02-14)
Newman, Susan
In: Cope, Zak and Ness, Immanuel eds. The Oxford Handbook of Economic Imperialism. Oxford Handbooks (pp. 213-230)
ISBN : 9780197527085 | Publisher : Oxford University Press | Published : Oxford

Marx on the Bourse: Coffee and the Intersecting/Integrated Circuits of Capital (2021-02)
Newman, Susan
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ISBN : 9781785274497 | Publisher : Anthem | Published : London

Finance and Development in Sub-Saharan Africa (2021)
Newman, Susan
In: Knox-Hayes, Janelle and Wójcik, Darius eds. The Routledge Handbook of Financial Geography. Routledge Companions in Business, Management and Marketing
ISBN : 9780815369738 | Publisher : Routledge

Radical Perspectives on Industrial Policy (2020-10-05)
Ashman, Sam; Newman, Susan and Tregenna, Fiona
In: Oqubay, Arkebe; Cramer, Christopher and Chang, Ha-Joon eds. The Oxford Handbook of Industrial Policy
ISBN : 9780198862420 | Publisher : Oxford University Press | Published : Oxford

How are things produced? (2020-04)
Newman, Susan
In: Deane, Kevin and van Waeyenberger, Elisa eds. Recharting the History of Economic Thought (pp. 53-68)
ISBN : 9781137605252 | Publisher : Macmillan International Higher Education | Published : London

The Evolution of Manufacturing in the Gauteng City-Region: From De-Industrialization to Re-Industrialization? (2018)
Ashman, Sam and Newman, Susan
In: Cheruiyot, Koech ed. The Changing Space Economy of City-Regions: The Gauteng City-Region, South Africa. Urban Perspectives from the Global South (pp. 131-156)
ISBN : 9783319674827 | Publisher : Springer | Published : South Africa

Systems of accumulation and the evolving South African MEC (2013-05-10)
Ashman, Sam; Fine, Ben and Newman, Susan
In: Tavasci, D; Fine, B and Saraswati, J eds. Beyond the Developmental State: Industrial Policy into the Twenty-First Century (pp. 245-267)
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Global commodity chains and global value chains (2012)
Newman, Susan
In: Fine, Ben; Saad-Fihlo, Alfredo and Boffo, Marco eds. The Elgar Companion to Marxist economics (pp. 155-161)
ISBN : 9781848445376 | Publisher : Edward Elgar

Low-income countries and commodity price volatility (2011-04-01)
Bargawi, Hannah; Bova, Elva; Ferrarini, Benno and Newman, Susan
In: Cottier, T and Delimatsis, P eds. The Prospects of International Trade Regulation: From Fragmentation to Coherence (pp. 452-482)
ISBN : 9781107004870 | Publisher : Cambridge University Press

Finance and industrial policy: Beyond financial regulation in Europe (2016-03-10)
Cozzi, Giovanni; Newman, Susan and Toporowski, Jan eds.
ISBN : 9780198744504 | Publisher : Oxford University Press | Published : Oxford

African Industrialisation: Is global value chain development the answer? (2014)
Newman, Susan and Takala-Greenish, Lotta
In : International Conference on Manufacturing Led Growth for Employment & Equality (20-21 May 2014, Johannesburg)

Financialisation and transnational supply chains: implications for developing countries (2012)
Newman, Susan
In : UNCTAD Multi-Year Expert Meeting on International Cooperation: South-South Cooperation and Regional Integration (fourth session) (24-25 Oct 2012, Geneva)

Understanding Commodity Markets to Effectively Address Price Increases and Volatility in A Post-COVID-19 World (2022-09)
Newman, Susan and van Huellen, Sophie
Austrian Foundation for Development Research

Commodity Dependency, GVC development and Industrial Policy in Sub-Saharan Africa (2020-11-14)
Newman, Susan
African International Economics Law Network

The latest significant step in the UK's development agenda (2020-06-24)
Newman, Susan and Stevano, Sara
Developing Economics

The Minerals-Energy-Complex and Structural Inequality in South Africa (2019-05-30)
Newman, Susan
Oxfam South Africa, Johannesburg.

Financialisation of the South African economy: impact on the economic growth path and employment (2013-01-01)
Ashman, Sam; Mohamed, Seeraj and Newman, Susan

Financialized corporate strategies and restructuring of global supply chains (2012-06)
Newman, Susan
International Institute of Social Studies, The Hague.

A new growth path for South African industrialisation: An input-output analysis (2010)
Newman, Susan; Baloyi, Basani and Ncube, Phumzile
CSID, The University of the Witwatersrand, Johannesburg.

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