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Ms Annabel Caulfield

Profile summary

Professional biography

I have worked for The Open University for over 25 years, and have been a Curriculum Manager in the Faculty of Social Sciences since 1998 (now Faculty of Arts and Social Science).  Prior to that I worked in Residential Schools and Planning as an administrator.  I am also a part time nutritional therapist and nutrition tutor (nothing to do with OU!)

Research interests

Nutrition and health

Teaching interests

Currently Manage DE100 Investigating Psychology and DD802 Forensic Psychology

Previous modules

Social Psychology (DD307)
Discovering Psychology (DSE141)
Changing cities: urban transitions and decision making (D837)
Personal Investment: financial planning in an uncertain world (DB234)
Introduction to Psychology (DSE202/DSZS202)
Exploring Psychology (DSE212)
Research Methods Dissertation in Social Sciences (D845)
Cultural and Media Studies Dissertation (D856)