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Dr Amanda Goodrich

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Professional biography

I was awarded a PhD at Royal Holloway, University of London in January 2002 and joined the Open University History Department as a lecturer in June 2009.   Previously I was employed as an Associate Lecturer in the OU London Region from 2002 and also taught at Royal Holloway, University of London for five years.

Research interests

My main research interests include Georgian history of political ideas and cultural history. I have published research on the English response to the French Revolution, popular radicalism and loyalism; Politicisation and identity and radical ‘citizens of the world’ in the 1790s;  representations of aristsocracy in linguistic usage and digital history; Popular attitudes to monarchy within the Hanoverian era. My latest book has recently been published by Routledge, in the Enlightenment World Series, Henry Redhead Yorke, Colonial Radical: Politics and Identity in the Atlantic World, 1772-1813 ​(London and New York: Routledge, 2019). This is my first biography and a cultural history of race and identities in Europe and the Atlantic World.  It explores the life of a West Indian of African/British descent, a man of colour, who lived much of his life in Georgian Britain and Europe.  This work brings politics and identity together. See my Featured Author's page at Routledge; 

Research related activities

Convenor, Institute of Historical Research seminar; British history in the Long Eighteenth Century

Fellow of the Royal Historical Society

External member of the BBC Editorial Review Board for BBC history publications and BBCExtra website.

Adviser to, and author in connection with, the British Library’s  exhbition The Georgians Revealed: Life, Style and the Making of Modern Britain, Nov. 2013 to  March. 2014.


See Open Research Online for details of Amanda Goodrich’s research publications.

Teaching interests

Currently in the OU history department I contribute to:

A113 in production as author of a chapter on the French Revolution

A223 Early Modern Europe: Society and Cutlure, c. 1500-1780 as a presentation team deputy chair.

Previously I have been a module team member of A223 in production, A200 in presentation as module team chair and deputy chair; A327 in presentation as module team chair, deputy chair;  the history MA A825 and 825 in presentation as a module team member.

I have taught:

A103: An Introduction to the Humanities

A207: From Enlightenment to Romanticism c.1780-1830

Impact and engagement

Blog for the History of Parliament at the Victoria Commons: 'Ethnic Minorities in Parliament, A New Addition to the Victorian Commons', posted 8th April, 2019

Blog for the Legacies of British Slave-Ownership Project 'Henry Redhead Yorke: Politics and Identity in the Atlantic World 1790-1813' , posted 4th December 2015

Piece contributed to The Conversation, entitled 'The Free Speech Battle that forced Britain's eighteenth-century Radicals to flee', published December 2015 


[Book review] Ryan Hanley. Beyond Slavery and Abolition: Black British Writing, c. 1770–1830 (2021-04-21)
Goodrich, Amanda
The American Historical Review, 126(1) (pp. 381-382)

The Two Henry Redhead Yorkes, radical to liberal: BAME presence in British Politics, 1790-1850 (2020-10)
Goodrich, Amanda
Journal of Liberal History(108) (pp. 20-31)

Radical “Citizens of the World,” 1790–95: The Early Career of Henry Redhead Yorke (2014-07)
Goodrich, Amanda
Journal of British Studies, 53(3) (pp. 611-635)

Understanding a language of ‘aristocracy’, 1700-1850 (2013-06)
Goodrich, Amanda
The Historical Journal, 56(2) (pp. 369-398)

Surveying the ebb and flow of pamphlet warfare: 500 rival tracts from Radicals and Loyalists in Britain, 1790-1796 (2007-03)
Goodrich, Amanda
British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies, 30(1) (pp. 1-12)

Henry Redhead Yorke, Colonial Radical: Politics and Identity in the Atlantic World, 1772-1813 (2019-02-07)
Goodrich, Amanda
The Enlightenment World
ISBN : 9781781448632 | Publisher : Taylor & Francis, Routledge | Published : London and New York

Debating England's Aristocracy in the 1790s: Pamphlets, Polemics and Political Ideas (2005-05-19)
Goodrich, Amanda
The Royal Historical Society Studies in History
ISBN : 861932757 | Publisher : The Boydell Press | Published : Woodbridge, U.K.

Radical Popular Attitudes to the Monarchy in Britain during the French Revolution (2015-06-30)
Goodrich, Amanda
In: Gestrich, Andreas and Schaich, Michael eds. The Hanoverian Succession: Dynastic Politics and Monarchical Culture (pp. 261-278)
ISBN : 978-1-4724-3765-5 | Publisher : Ashgate

Introduction (2013)
Goodrich, Amanda
In: Goff, Moira; Goldfinch, John; Limper-Herz, Karen and Peden, Helen eds. The Georgians Revealed: Life, Style and the Making of Modern Britain
ISBN : 9780712357135 | Publisher : The British Library