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Dr Dan Cavedon-Taylor

Profile summary

Professional biography

I joined the Open University in 2019, having previously worked at the universities of Southampton, Oxford, St Andrews and Antwerp. 

I received my PhD in 2011 from Birkbeck, University of London. My thesis was on the epistemology of pictures. In short: how we learn about the world through pictures, as opposed to both (i) first-hand experience (via direct perception) or (ii) at second-hand (via the words of other people). My doctoral studies were supported by the inaugural British Society of Aesthetics PhD Studentship and a Royal Institute of Philosophy Jacobsen Fellowship. 

After my PhD, most of my research moved into the philosophies of mind, perception, psychology and psychiatry. I'm writing a book on mental imagery and most of my current research concerns the roles played by imagery in human cognition, including various mental health conditions. Some representative publications in this area include:

From 2012-2021 I was Treasurer of the British Society of Aesthetics.

​I currently supervise PhD students in aesthetics, the philosophy of mind and history of philosophy. I have slim capacity to take on additional doctoral students, but would be happy to hear from potential applicants whose research directly alligns with my own.

Research interests

Philosophy of mind 

I'm interested in all aspects of the workings of the mind, but find perception and mental imagery particularly fascinating. Representative publications:

Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art

I'm interested in the aesthetic and epistemic nature of pictures, as well as aesthetic judgment and appreciation. Following on from my PhD, I've written a great deal about photographic pictures and some of that work--particularly on deepfakes--shades into social epistemology. Representative publications:

Other topics

I've also written some things in philosophy of religion and mainstream epistemology


Teaching interests

  • Aesthetics and Philosophy of Art
  • Early Modern Philosophy
  • Normative Ethics
  • Metaphysics
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • Philosophy of Mind and Psychology

I have written teaching materials for DD113 Global Challenges: Social Science in Action on global justice and for DA223: Investigating Philosophy on the mind-body problem. I give lectures on consciousness and the emotions for Philosophy MA students and run forum activities on collective knowledge for students of A333: Key Questions in Philosophy.

Impact and engagement

I have featured on the BBC News Channel programme Click where I was interviewed on the malicious use of fabricated, photorealistic images. I have also given public talks at art galleries and written for various blogs.


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