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Dr David Pell


Profile summary

Professional biography

My ‘first career’ (28 years) was in local government as a professionally qualified public sector manager, environmental health officer and housing manager serving as a director of health and housing for ten years and then as a director of wider community services. In 1993 I began a ‘second career’ establishing an environmental consultancy (10 years) working mostly with the international Environment City Programme and as an Associate Lecturer at both Sheffield Hallam Business School (21 years) and at the Open University (25 years to date). I have researched, published and taught at all levels in both the natural and social sciences.

David J Pell,



Research interests

I am currently interested in online pedagogy and especially its relationship to academic misconduct by students. ‘Impersonation’ and ‘essay mills’ are particular concerns.


Research output:


Pell, David, J. (2014) ‘India’ in Chandler, J. A. (ed.) Comparative Public Administration (2014), pp.197-228, Oxon, Routledge.

Pell, David, J. (2018) ‘That’s cheating: the (online) academic cheating ‘epidemic’ and what we should do about it.’ in Baxter, Jacqueline; Callaghan, George and McAvoy, Jean, Creativity and Critique in Online Learning: Exploring and Examining Innovations in Online Pedagogy, London, Palgrave Macmillan Ltd.


Pell, David, J. (1996) 'The Local Management of Planet Earth Toward a Major Shift of Paradigm' in Sustainable Development Vol.4, No. 3, December 1996, Chichester, John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

Pell, David, J. (1996) Local Environmental Sustainable Development' in Local Environment News 1996 Vol. 2 No. 3, London, University of Westminster.

Conference Papers:

Pell, David, J.(1995) 'Managing Planet Earth Locally' in Seminar on Information and Awareness of the Urban Environment, Centro De Education Ambiental Conference Papers, Can Coll, Barcelona. 

Pell, David, J. (1996) ‘Meeting the Commitment to Local Agenda 21: 21st Century Environmental Health' in Enviromental Health Congress Papers, London, Chartered Institute of Environmental Health.

Pell, David, J. (1996) 'Managing Planet Earth Locally' in International Sustainable Development Research Organisation Conference Papers, Manchester.

Pell, David, J. (2003) ‘Putting your environmental house in order’ in Government Legislation Workshop Conference Papers, Local Government Facilities Management Forum (Graduate Centre), Sheffield, Sheffield Hallam University.

Other research outputs:

Association of District Councils (1987) Homelessness – meeting the tide: Initiatives in District Councils, unattributed researcher and writer as honorary officer advisor to ADC, London.

Pell, David, J. and Wright, Geoff, Environmental Consultancy (1993-2003): Series of research projects for The Wildlife Trusts, Lincoln,  as managers of the Environment City Programme.

Pell, David J. (1997) PhD thesis, ‘An investigation of the organisational and political aspects of the Environment City movement’, Sheffield Hallam University.

Pell, David, J. (1997-2005) Series of commissioned research and course writing projects on environment and business for Sheffield Hallam University (3 courses) and on environmetal studies for Northern College, Barnsley (5 courses).

Pell, David, J. Bates, Tom and Shelton, I. (2001) ‘Everyday Cultures in Inner City Nottingham: Environmental concern and behaviour’, Pavis Paper no.7, National Everyday Cultures Programme (at the Millenium), Milton Keynes, The Open University.

Pell, David, J. and Westbury, C. (2005) ‘Action Research: Pedagogy vs Andragogy’, Exploring Teaching and Learning in the OU, January 2005, Learning Outcomes and their Assessment initiative (LOTA), Milton Keynes, The Open University.

Pell, David, J. (2006) ‘Reflective reading project’, Academic Literacies Project, Centre for Outcome-Based Education (COBE), 26 January 2006, Milton Keynes, The Open University.

Pell, David J. and Westbury, C. (2009) ‘Learning Outcomes: students’ views on usefulness’, PILS consultants project final report of a Practitioner Enquiry, Personalised Integrated Learning Support Centre, Centre for Excellence in Teaching & Learning (CETL), October 2009, Milton Keynes, The Open University.


Teaching interests

My main teaching interest is environmental studies from a multi-disciplinary perspective but with a particular focus on value positions.

Impact and engagement

In terms of pedagogy, I would like to make further contributions towards the improvement of approaches to (especially online) teaching, learning and assessment with the aim of minimising academic misconduct.

In terms of subject teaching, I would like to make further contributions to the improvement of our understanding of our relationship with the rest of nature.