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Miss Deepti Ramaswamy

Profile summary

Professional biography

I am an accredited psychotherapist with a special interest in trauma with experience of working in various settings within the NHS such as CAMHS, Primary Care, Eating Disorders, Prison and Veterans Complex Treatment Services. I have also worked overseas in the humanitarian sector as a mental health specialist in conflict areas such as Iraq, Syria and Myanmar.  

I joined the Open University to pursue doctoral research in 2021 to explore questions related to trauma, identity and engagement with extremism.

Research interests

I am interested in exploring the following questions: 

  • How do experiences of trauma, marginalisation, victimisation and discrimination influence an individual's sense of identity and self-narrative? 
  • How does group identification support or weaken an individual's sense of identity and self-narrative? 
  • What is the role of an individual's sense of identity in the development of extremist states of mind and identification and engagement with extremist groups? 
  • What is the psychological process that allows for moral disengagement enabling a person to make the shift from being othered/dehumanised to treating others as 'other'/less than?
  • How do moral injury and moral disengagement interact in the context of trauma and engagement with extremism? 
  • What can we learn from the experience of trauma therapy about the factors mentioned above?