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Mr Dimos Sarantidis

Profile summary

Professional biography

I hold a BA in Law from the University of Kent at Canterbury and an LLM in International Criminal Law from the University of Sussex. Before joining the Development Policy and Practice (DPP) at The Open University, I worked for several years as a human rights lawyer in the not-for-profit sector, by providing legal aid to asylum seekers and detained border crossers in Greece.

Research interests

My current research is on on the ongoing consequences of the 2015 “refugee crisis” for the local populations of the Greek island of Lesvos, whose voices have been overlooked by various intervening state and non-state actors. 

My research background is on human rights, refugee law, and critical criminology.




Journal article: Living in the Enduring 2015 Refugee Crisis. The Perspectives of Lesvos' Local Populations.

Book Chapter: An escalation of crypto-colonialism in Greece in the aftermath of the 'finacial' and 'refugee' crises.



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