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Dr Jerome De Henau

Profile summary

Professional biography

Socio-Economist, with research interests in economics of gender, labour and household economics, fiscal and social policy.

Research interests

His most recent research project was with the Internaitonal Laboru Organization (ILO) to simulate the costs and benefits of investing in care services and care leaves for parents across 82 economies around the world (2021-22), including the design of a public-facing user-friendly costing tool at country-level for various simualted scenarios of universal care services and leave policies and their employment and fiscal effects. (see working paper explaining the methodology and results aggregated at regional levels here)

Previous research projects include:


Teaching interests

Chair of the presentation of the module Economics in practice (DD226) and member of the module team for You and your Money: personal finance in context (DB125).

Impact and engagement

Member of the Policy Advisory Group of the Women's Budget Group, an independent think tank of 1000 academics, activists and campaigners whose aim is to analyse gender impacts of economic, fiscal and social policy in the UK and promote gender equality. Topical policy briefings as well as in-depth gender analysis of government budgets and spending announcements are available on the Group's website.

External collaborations

Consultancy for ILO, UN Women, ITUC.

Member of the International Association for Feminist Economics (IAFFE)


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The gendered employment gains of investing in social vs. physical infrastructure: evidence from simulations across seven OECD countries (2020)
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Investing in Free Universal Childcare in South Africa, Turkey and Uruguay: A comparative analysis of costs, short-term employment effects and fiscal revenue (2019-02)
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Economics Department, The Open University

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Women's Budget Group, United Kingdom.

Struggle over the pie? The gendered distribution of power and subjective financial well-being within UK households (2007-10)
de Henau, Jérôme and Himmelweit, Susan
Economics Department, The Open University