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Miss Jade Peters

Professional biography

Jade joined the OU in August 2021, having graduated in 2015 with a BSc (hons) in Psychology from Oxford Brookes University, and graduated in 2018 with a MSc in Clinical Child Psychology with a thesis titled ‘Compassionate Engagement and Action in Eating Disorders’. The research thesis produced from her MSc has been presented at multiple conferences and won an award at the Eating Disorder International Conference in 2018. The findings have been implemented into eating disorder practice, and Jade has worked extensively with the Eating Disorder charity Beat (UK) throughout her professional career.

Prior to this role, Jade holds years of clinical experience working within the NHS for eating disorders, and other mental health concerns such as psychosis, depression, anxiety, autism, and OCD. Following her clinical experience, Jade shifted her focus to research, allowing her to combine her innovative and creative mind-set to tackle stigma, attitudes, accessibility, and engagement of mental health services for service users. For example, Jade aided the development of the Understanding Voices website, providing information, and support for those who hear voices (see:

Jade continues to collaborate on research that uses innovative and accessible approaches for mental health, and she is currently working on a comedy course: ‘Comedy for Coping’ with researchers at University of Kent, and Kings College London. The aim of this course is to use comedy to build connection, confidence, identity, positive thinking, and meaningful life goals within a group setting (see:

As a technical lead, Jade brings her love for statistics, research methods and creative approach to support the production of high-quality research at the OU.


“Finding light in the darkness”: exploring comedy as an intervention for eating disorder recovery (2024-02-01)
Declercq, Dieter; Kafle, Eshika; Peters, Jade; Raby, Sam; Chawner, Dave; Blease, James and Foy, Una
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