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Dr Kathryn Medien

Profile summary

Professional biography

Kathryn joined the OU in 2020 as a Lecturer in Sociology. Prior to this she was a Research Associate in the Department of Sociology at the University of Cambridge. Kathryn has held research fellowships in Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies at Duke University and at the Institute of Advanced Study, University of Warwick. She received her PhD from the University of Warwick.

Research interests

  • Social & Political Theory
  • Racism & Anti-Racism
  • Imperialism & (Post)Colonialism
  • Gender & Feminist Theory
  • Anti-Carceral & Abolitionist Thought
  • Science, Technology & Medicine

Kathryn’s research interests span gender and feminist studies, political sociology, and social and political theory, with a specific focus on power, surveillance and governance, and the global and local connections between gendered and racial oppression and resistance to it. Her current research examines the development and use of internal border controls as a form of racialised governance. 


Israeli settler colonialism, “humanitarian warfare,” and sexual violence in Palestine (2021)
Medien, Kathryn
International Feminist Journal of Politics ((Early Access))

Foucault in Tunisia: The encounter with intolerable power (2020-05-01)
Medien, Kathryn
The Sociological Review, 68(3) (pp. 492-507)

Theory for a global age: From nativism to neoliberalism and beyond (2020-03-01)
Bhambra, Gurminder K.; Medien, Kathryn and Tilley, Lisa
Current Sociology, 68(2) (pp. 137-148)

Palestine in Deleuze (2019)
Medien, Kathryn
Theory, Culture & Society, 36(5) (pp. 49-70)

Thinking Life, Death, and Solidarity through Colonized Palestine: An Interview with Jasbir K. Puar (2018)
Medien, Kathryn
Journal of Middle East Women's Studies, 14(1) (pp. 94-103)

NHS Apartheid: On resisting NHS charges for overseas visitor healthcare (2021-12-06)
Medien, Kathryn
Discover Society, Discover Society.

Patients Not Passports: Learning from the international struggle for universal healthcare (2020-10-15)
Button, Daniel; Salhab, Akram; Skinner, James; Yule, Aliya and Medien, Kathryn
New Economics Foundation

[Book Review] Carceral capitalism by Jackie Wang (2020)
Medien, Kathryn
Ethnic and Racial Studies 43 (3) pp.584-586

[Book Review] Prison: A Survival Guide by Carl Cattermole (2019-08-23)
Medien, Kathryn
The Sociological Review