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Home drinking during and post‐COVID ‐19: Why the silence on domestic violence? (2023-07)
Wilson, Ingrid M.; Lightowlers, Carly and Bryant, Lucy
Drug and Alcohol Review, 42(5) (pp. 1013-1017)

The socioeconomic distribution of alcohol-related violence in England and Wales (2021-02-18)
Bryant, Lucy and Lightowlers, Carly
PLoS ONE, 16, Article e0243206(2)

An Exploration of the Impact of Non-Dependent Parental Drinking on Children (2020-01)
Bryant, Lucy; MacKintosh, Anne Marie and Bauld, Linda
Alcohol and Alcoholism, 55(1) (pp. 121-127)

Obscured by Its Omnipresence? Conceptual and Practical Issues around Measuring Alcohol-Related Crime in England and Wales (2024-04-30)
Lightowlers, Carly; Bryant, Lucy and Horsefield, Olivia
In: Huey, Laura and Buil-Gil, David eds. The Crime Data Handbook (pp. 139-151)
ISBN : 9781529232073 | Publisher : Bristol University Press | Published : Bristol, UK