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Dr Laura McGrath

Profile summary

Professional biography

Laura started at the Open University in August 2019 as a Lecturer in Mental Health. She previously worked at the University of East London, where she was programme leader for the BSc in Clinical and Community Psychology, as well as co-lead for the Mental Health and Social Change Research Group. Laura completed her PhD from London South Bank University in 2012, following a conversion course to Psychology.

Research interests

Laura's research concentrates on the role of the envrionment in experiences of mental distress, care and recovery. Her work is interdisciplinary, drawing on social, community and critical psychology, as well as human geography and social theory, to explore psychosocial and material aspects of mental health experiences. This work lead Laura to co-edit the recent volume 'Handbook of Mental Health and Space: Community and Clinical Applications' with Professor Paula Reavey. 

Impact and engagement

Laura is a founder member of the national network 'Psychologists for Social Change', which aims to encourage psychologists to engage with the political context of their work, and organise social and political action. She was lead author of the PSC briefing paper: The Psychological Impact of Austerity. 


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"Zip me up, and cool me down": Molar narratives and molecular intensities in 'helicopter' mental health services (2016-03)
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Transportations of space, time and self: the role of reading groups in managing mental distress in the community (2016)
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Embodying limb absence in the negotiation of sexual intimacy (2014-09-01)
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Heterotopias of control: Placing the material in experiences of mental health service use and community living (2013-07)
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The Handbook of Mental Health and Space: Community and Clinical Applications (2018-08-29)
Mcgrath, Laura and Reavey, Paula eds.
ISBN : 9781138643932 | Publisher : Routledge | Published : London

The Psychological Impact of Austerity: A Briefing Paper (2015-03-05)
Mcgrath, Laura; Griffin, Vanessa and Mundy, Ed
Psychologists for Social Change