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Dr Roosa Lambin

Dr. Roosa Lambin

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Dr. Roosa Lambin is a Visiting Research Fellow in Social Policy at the Open University and a Research Associate at the Environmental Change Institute, University of Oxford. Her work is highly interdisciplinary, and spans across Global Social Policy, Social Protection, Global Health and Philanthropy. She has additional expertise in women's needs and issues in broader social policy models; transnational climate risks and the sub-Saharan African region. Roosa has also experience from working in the UN system, and frequently collaborates with the UNU-WIDER.


Philanthropic donor agencies and social policy in sub-Saharan Africa – New perspectives to the “welfare mix” (2024)
Lambin, Roosa Amanda
Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy ((early access))

Tanzanian social policy in the new millennium – a cross-sectoral analysis from a gender perspective (2024)
Lambin, Roosa Amanda and Nyyssölä, Milla
International Journal of Sociology and Social Policy ((early access))

A global fund for social protection: Lessons from the diverse experiences of global health, agriculture and climate funds (2023-10)
Yeates, Nicola; Holden, Chris; Lambin, Roosa; Snell, Carolyn; Idris, Nabila and Mackinder, Sophie
International Labour Office, Geneva.