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Professor Smita Srinivas

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New approaches to learning and regulation in medical devices and diagnostics: insights from Indian cancer care (2022)
Srinivas, Smita and Kale, Dinar
Innovation and Development ((Early Access))

Heuristics and the microeconomics of innovation and development (2021-10)
Srinivas, Smita
Innovation and Development, 11(2-3) (pp. 281-302)

Institutional Variety and Ayres-Veblen “Lag”: Implications for Selection and Development (2021-06)
Srinivas, Smita
Journal of Economic Issues, 55(2) (pp. 293-305)

Institutional variety and the future of economics (2020-05)
Srinivas, Smita
Review of Evolutionary Political Economy, 1(1) (pp. 13-35)

Innovation as a political process of development: are neo-Schumpeterians value neutral? (2019)
Papaioannou, Theo and Srinivas, Smita
Innovation and Development, 9(1) (pp. 141-158)

Innovation as a Political Process of Development: Are Neo-Schumpetarians Value Neutral? (2016-09)
Papaioannou, Theo and Srinivas, Smita
In : SPRU’s 50th Anniversary Conference on Transforming Innovation (7-9 Sep 2016, University of Sussex)

Emergency driven capacity building: Covid-19 and the UK's response toward increasing critical testing capability and production of PPE (2022-02)
Watkins, Andrew; Srinivas, Smita and Wield, David
The Open University, IKD Research Centre