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Professor Wendy Hollway

Profile summary

Professional biography

Now as Emeritus Professor, I collaborate with colleagues in emerging psycho-social networks in UK, Europe and US. In the first half of 2011, I was a visiting Fellow at the Oslo Centre for Advanced Study, in a programme entitled 'Personal Development and Socio-cultural Change', directed by Profs Harriet Bjerrum Nielsen and Hanne Haavind, from which collaborations continue. I am a Fellow of the Academy of Social Sciences and Honorary Fellow of the British Psychological Society. I am External Examiner to several professional trainings in Child Psychotherapy and Psychoanalytic Observation and Professional Doctorates.

Research interests

I have researched and published on questions to do with identity, gender relations, parenting, the capacity to care, qualitative methodology and epistemology, history of psychology. A uniting theme is the development of a ‘psycho-social’ approach, that is one that does not reduce to exclusively sociological or psychological accounts of identity, experience and relationships. I make use of psychoanalytic ontology and epistemology to inform my psycho-social research, substantively and methodologically.

My ESRC Fellowship “Maternal Identities, Care and Intersubjectivity” develops an earlier ESRC-funded study (with Ann Phoenix) under the Identities and Social Action programme about the identity transition involved when women become mothers for the first time. It is based on the unique data set derived from psychoanalytically-informed interview and observation methods. It takes further my work on theorising identity processes and new methodological approaches for researching identities. These constitute the themes for my recent book "Knowing Mothers".


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Recent articles and book chapters

Hollway, W. (2010) ‘Conflict in the transition to becoming a mother: a psychosocial approach’ Psychoanalysis, Culture and Society, 15,2 pp136-155.

Hollway, W. (2010) ‘Relationality: the intersubjective foundations of identity’, In Wetherell, M and Mohanty, C. (eds) Sage Handbook of Identities. London: Sage, pp216-232.

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Hollway, W. (2010/11) ‘Psycho-social writing from data’, Journal of Psycho-social Studies, 4,2 (December/Jan)

Hollway. W. (2011) ‘Through discursive psychology to a psycho-social approach’ in Bozatzis, N. & Dragonas, Th. (Eds.) (2011) Social Psychology: The turn to discourse. Athens: Metaixmio (Μποζατζ?ς, Ν. & Δραγ?να, Θ. (Επιμ.) (2011) Κοινωνικ? Ψυχολογ?α: Η στροφ? στο   λ?γο. Αθ?να: Μετα?χμιο)

Hollway, W. (2011) ‘In Between External and Internal Worlds: Imagination in Transitional Space’, Methodological Innovations Online 6 (3) 50-60.


Teaching interests

Prior to retirement,,I co-edited with Helen Lucey and Ann Phoenix, one of the course texts, Social Psychology Matters (2007), for the current Level 3 course in Social Psychology (DD307). In various chapters, I traced the history of social psychology in between psychology and sociology; introduced four social psychological methods and their histories and differences; laid out social psychology’s contributions to understanding of the self; and in a final overview situated social psychology and raised some insistent questions for the discipline.

I contributed a chapter to the theme on identities in Introduction to Social Sciences (DD101), discussing identity change in becoming a mother for the first time and the challenges involved in researching identity change (Identity and change through time’, chapter 6 in Bromley, S., Clarke, J., Hinchcliffe, S. and Taylor, S. (eds) Exploring Social Lives. Milton Keynes: The Open University, Vol 2, pp7-45.

Impact and engagement

I support professional psychotherapy training and research, in particular including training in infant observation. I examine professional doctorates in this area and am external examiner on such courses in the north of England and Scotland.

The kind of impact i am interested in is beautifully captured in the following extract from an email concerning the book "Doing Qualitative Research Differently":

"I am writing to you in gratitude for your book Doing Qualitative Research Differently and the concepts within it. 
I battled to find a methodology that married my world views; my theoretical perspective (...) and my clinical experience  that repeatedly shows me that what people say initially in an interview is often a defended response, with the truth (usually painful) hidden well below. Almost always, with patience and clinical insight that comes from years of training and my own psychoanalytic personal process, the clients feel safe enough to tell (some for the very first time) the 'truth' about their childhoods. The typical "good childhood, normal, fine, just like everybody else's childhood" narrative  is then usurped by the experience of painful raw memories, unprocessed and undigested. The unthought known is often palpable. 
I was finding it impossible to situate my experience of defended human beings, in the qualitative research methodologies I was reading about. Suffice to say, yours and Tony Jefferson's work has been my methodological nirvana. I finally feel like I have a theoretical perspective that is congruent with my clinical experience, my theoretical training and my personal world views. 
With immense gratitude, "

Research groups

NameTypeParent Unit
Centre for Citizenship, Identifies and Governance (CCIG)CentreFaculty of Social Sciences


Climate activism among members (2021-10)
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