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Global Extinction Rebellion Research

Friday, January 26, 2024 - 13:00 to 16:00
Online, The Open University

Convened by: Hannah Fitchett, University of St Andrews and Dr Maria Nita, The Open University

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Red Rebel Brigade, UK, 2019

The seminar brings together Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences scholars who are currently researching and writing about the Extinction Rebellion movement, as well as cross-fertilising and intersecting climate activist networks. The event will include research presentations and a forum discussion with all attendees, welcoming verifocal perspectives on the Extinction Rebellion movement. Through this event we aim to build an interdisciplinary network of researchers in order to facilitate collaboration and knowledge sharing that can collectively strengthen our academic research and its value to XR and the wider climate movement. We will also explore the possibility of hosting a conference with published proceedings during Summer/ Autumn 2024.


Amy Robson, Durham University; Dr Annika Benz,University of Köln (Germany); Dr Arne Harms, Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology, Halle (Germany); Catherine Whittle, London School of Economics and Political Science; Edward Ephithite Lindholm, The University of Manchester; Eric G. Scheuch, Yale University (USA);  Hannah Fitchett, The University of St. Andrews; Dr Kyle Matthews, Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand); Dr Laura Thomas-Walters, Yale University; Lisa Savoia, University of Bologna; Dr Maria Nita, The Open University, Dr Paul-Francois Tremlett, The Open University; Dr Peter Gardner, University of York; Dr Tobias Müller, The University of Cambridge and The New Institute.

Respondent: Prof. Bron R. Taylor, University of Florida (USA)

Global XR Research network aims

A global Extinction Rebellion research community offers opportunities to look at global climate protest cultures, against the backdrop of contrasting cultural and geo-political contexts. Our seminar aims to bring together multidisciplinary and cross-cultural perspectives in order to explore and understand the growth of this movement in the broader context of global climate activism. While groups such as ‘Scientists For XR’ and ‘Social Scientists Rebel’ bring together academics engaging in XR activism, the research community we are launching in January 2024 will unite academics studying XR in order to strengthen the research we produce and its value to the climate movement.

Many of us are activist researchers, yet we welcome engagement from anyone studying XR who wishes for their research to contribute positively towards this key aim. Contributions could involve producing practical, accessible research summaries for activists, as well as strengthening knowledge production about XR through sharing one’s research as part of this community of researchers. Since addressing the climate crisis demands collaborative rather than competitive academic research, we aim to provide networking opportunities to facilitate the growth of a collaborative academic community.

XR is global in its outreach, with 1022 self-reported local groups across 88 countries. By connecting scholarly voices researching XR in different locations across the globe we can provide insights into the adoption of new forms of civil resistance that are responding to escalating climate breakdown. We hope to advance understanding in how these approaches both differ between diverse political, cultural, and environmental contexts, and how they are united through digital sharing of cultures of activism, tactics and methodologies.

Please address any other enquiries to Dr Maria Nita.

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Main image: Red Rebel Brigade, UK, 2019, copyright Maria Nita