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Dr Christopher Belshaw

Profile summary

Professional biography

Christopher Belshaw studied philosophy at the University of York, and later at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He has taught at both institutions, as well as at S. Martin's College (Lancaster) and Lancaster University, joining the OU as Arts Staff Tutor in 1994. His major concerns are with the theoretical side of applied ethics - questions of the value of death, the nature of a person and so on - and with related questions in aesthetics and metaphysics. He is currently working on a new book for Acumen Press - 'Creatures: Animals, Value and Morality', planned to appear in 2013.

Research interests

I wrote my dissertation (on Hume and causal scepticism) under Nathan Salmon, who for long sat at the feet of Saul Kripke. But although I am still interested in Hume, both as a man and as a philosopher (though they are surely connected - how could any decent civilized person not be a sceptic?) I began to develop interests elsewhere in philosophy, reading and being utterly captivated by Reasons and Persons and thereafter wanting to pursue an interconnected range of contemporary philosophical problems. Besides, I found I didn’t really have either the memory or the attention to detail required to do history of philosophy in any serious way.
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See also Open Research Online for further details of Christopher Belshaw’s research publications.

Teaching interests

Like many in this country, I had no introduction to philosophy at school, and learnt about it only when I’d already started an undergraduate degree in music, at York. No joint degree was available and so, once bitten, I changed departments, learning most about my new interest from Roger Woolhouse and Andrew Ward, both of whom are still at York. There were doldrums, and some years, before I went, on a reasonably attractive fellowship to Santa Barbara to study for the Ph.D.
I approve wholeheartedly of the American education system. First, I was made to work, having to take a range of courses, including some serious logic (from Peter Hylton), and write regular term papers before starting on my dissertation.
Second, I was made to teach, initially as an assistant but before very long my own courses. And young Californians are a demanding bunch.
Third, it was evident that undergraduates were made to work, cranking through essays, and midterm and final exams in a way that would simply exhaust the average student in Britain. It’s no wonder America thinks of itself as the best country in the world.
I joined the OU in 1994 (I think - either the memory or the attention to detail is letting me down here) and since then have added environmental philosophy to my list of interests. Also jazz. I’ve never been entirely sure that changing departments, as an undergraduate, was a good move.


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