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Dr Dan Taylor

Profile summary

Professional biography

I joined The Open University in July 2020. Before that, I taught at Goldsmiths, University of London, Lawrence University, the Mary Ward Centre, and the University of Roehampton. I have a PhD in Philosophy from Roehampton (2017) and an MA in Cultural Studies from Goldsmiths.

Research interests

I work in political theory, and my research spans contemporary political theory and the history of political thought. I am interested in the 17th century philosopher Spinoza, the subject of my PhD and third book, and this interest extends to early modern political thought more broadly. I have also written widely on British politics, contemporary political theory and cultural studies. My most recent book is Spinoza and the Politics of Freedom (Edinburgh University Press, 2021). Prior to that, I wrote Island Story: Journeys Through Unfamiliar Britain, a political travelogue published in 2016, and shortlisted for the Orwell Prize in 2017; and Negative Capitalism: Cynicism in the Neoliberal Era (Zero, 2013).

PhD supervision

I enjoy postgraduate supervision and welcome inquiries from students working on contemporary political theory, the history of political thought, or projects related to Spinoza.

Teaching interests

I work on a number of modules in politics, including the level 3 module Modern Political Ideas (DD316), and the level 2 module Understanding Politics: Ideas and Institutions in the Modern World (DD211).

Impact and engagement

I have presented my research nationally and internationally over two-dozen times. I have been an invited speaker at the OECD Forum in Paris, 2017, several Radio 4 programmes (Open Country, Moral Maze, and Making History) and at the House of Commons. I have published articles in the New Statesman, The Conversation and numerous other left-wing magazines and websites. You can read more on my webpage in the sidebar.

Peer review for MIT Press, Edinburgh University Press, Political Theory, History of European Ideas, the British Journal for the History of Philosophy, Constellations, Marx and Philosophy Review of Books, and the Journal of Modern Jewish Studies.


[Book Review] Mogens Lærke,Spinoza and the Freedom of Philosophizing (2021)
Taylor, Dan
Danish Yearbook of Philosophy (pp. 1-2)

[Book review] Politics, Ontology and Knowledge in Spinoza, by Alexandre Matheron, edited by Filippo Del Lucchese, David Maruzzella and Gil Morejón, translated by David Maruzzella and Gil Morejón, Edinburgh University Press (2021)
Taylor, Dan
British Journal for the History of Philosophy ((Early access))

Death, a surreptitious friendship: mortality and the impossibility of dying in Bataille and Blanchot (2020)
Taylor, Dan
Angelaki, 25(6) (pp. 3-18)

Affects of Resistance: Indignation, Emulation, Fellowship (2019-04-18)
Taylor, Dan
Pli: The Warwick Journal of Philosophy, 30 (pp. 23-48)

Review of Michael Löwy's "Franz Kafka, Subversive Dreamer" (2019)
Taylor, Dan
Journal of Modern Jewish Studies, 18(2) (pp. 255-256)

The Reasonable Republic? Statecraft, Affects, and the Highest Good in Spinoza's Late Tractatus Politicus (2019)
Taylor, Dan
History of European Ideas, 45(5) (pp. 645-660)

The Working Class Revolts (2017-02-07)
Taylor, Dan
New Statesman

The Party's Over? The Angry Brigade, the Counterculture, and the British New Left, 1967-1972 (2015-09)
Taylor, Dan
The Historical Journal, 58(3) (pp. 877-900)

Anxiety Machines: Continuous Connectivity and the New Hysteria (2012)
Taylor, J. D.
Nyx, a Noctournal, 7

Spinoza and the Politics of Freedom (2021-01)
Taylor, Dan
ISBN : 9781474478397 | Publisher : Edinburgh University Press | Published : Edinburgh

Island Story: Journeys Through Unfamiliar Britain (2016)
Taylor, Dan
ISBN : 9781910924204 | Publisher : Repeater Books | Published : London

Negative Capitalism: Cynicism in the Neoliberal Era (2013)
Taylor, J. D.
ISBN : 978-1-78099-260-0 | Publisher : Zero Books | Published : Winchester

Not that Serious? The Investigation and Trial of the Angry Brigade, 1967-1972 (2017)
Taylor, Dan
In: Smith, Evan and Worley, Matthew eds. Waiting for the Revolution: The British Far Left from 1956 (pp. 30-47)
ISBN : 9781526113658 | Publisher : Manchester University Press | Published : Manchester

The Paper Bag Compromise: Hiding the Problem of Drug Dependency in Hamsterdam (2015)
Taylor, J. D.
In: Keeble, Arin and Stacy, Ivan eds. The Wire and America's Dark Corners: Critical Essays (pp. 95-113)
ISBN : 9780786479184 | Publisher : McFarland | Published : Jefferson, NC

'We Hate Humans': Some Problems in Reading the 2011 English Riots Within a Recent History of Working Class Violence (2015)
Taylor, Dan
In: Fuggle, Sophie and Henri, Tom eds. Return to the Street
ISBN : 978-0957147058 | Publisher : Pavement Books | Published : London