Steering Committee

Dr M A Katritzky – Director of GOTH; Senior Research Fellow in Theatre Studies, OU
Dr Christine Plastow – GOTH Web and Media Manager; Lecturer in Classical Studies, OU
Dr Molly Ziegler – Lecturer in Drama and Performance Studies, OU

GOTH PG Forum Convenors

Kim Pratt
Antonia Saunders

Advisory Board

Professor Pavel Drábek – Professor of Drama and Theatre Practice, University of Hull
Professor Suman Gupta – Professor of Literature and Cultural History, The Open University
Professor Natasha Korda – Director of the Centre for the Humanities and Professor of English, Wesleyan University
Professor Noémie Ndiaye – Assistant Professor, Department of English, University of Chicago
Professor James Robson – Professor of Classical Studies, The Open University
Dr Hole Rößler – Acting Head, Research Planning and Research Projects, Herzog August Library
Dr Shafquat Towheed – Senior Lecturer in English, The Open University


Dr Alessio Antonini Eleanor Dodd Dr Edmund King Dr Heather Richardson
Dr Clive Baldwin Dr Renate Dohmen Professor Helen King Pauline Rutter
Dr Emma Barker Dr Fiona Doloughan Martha Knight Antonia Saunders
Marcus Bell Dr Leigh Downes Rebekah Lattin-Rawstrone Dr Jennifer Shepherd
Dr Francesca Benatti Professor Pavel Drabek Dr Hannah Lavery Dr Stefanie Sinclair
Dr Sally Blackburn-Daniels Bonnie Emmett Professor Paul Lewis Sam Toolan
Mark Borthwick Professor Umut Erel Dr Colin Lorne Dr Susie West
Sarah Bower Dylan Fowler Dr Angeliki Lymberopoulou Anne Wetherilt
Dr Emma Bridges Professor Ian Fribbance Anna Madeley Jane Whild
Professor Richard Danson Brown Dr Jonathan Gibson Rochelle Mallet Dr Emilia Wilton-Godberfforde
Victoria Callus Dr Laura Hamer Zoe Marriot Sharon Wiseman
Dr Siobhan Campbell Dr Tim Hammond Shannon Martin Dr Sara Wolfson
Elizabeth Chappell Professor Sarah Haslam Dr Sinead McEneany Dr Naoko Yamagata
Professor Sophie-Grace Chappell Gaynor Henry-Edwards Dr Kaye McLelland Dr Jane Yeh
Dr Amy Charlesworth Dr Valerie Hope Amy Moore Emery Young
Elizabeth Clack Dr Jessica Hughes Lucy Morgan  
Dr Leah Clark Wendy Humphreys Dr Suzanne Newcombe  
Dr Anactoria Clarke Kirsten Jeffery Kate Newsholme  
Dr Helen Coffey Gwyneth Jones Dr Laura Paterson  
Shazna Muzammil-Cook Dr Rebecca Jones Dr Jo Paul  
Mary Dawson Silvina Katz Dr Jon Pike  
Dr Delia Da Sousa Dr Peter Keogh Kim Pratt  

Our Donors

We wish to thank and register our deep appreciation for the great generosity of an anonymous Foundation, which has donated full external funding for the 3-year GOTH doctoral studentship 2020-2023, and a significant contribution towards costs associated with the GOTH programme during its first three years.

Past Team Members

We wish to thank the following past members of the GOTH team, whose invaluable contributions are greatly appreciated:

Dr Gemma Allen (Steering Committee, 2019-2022)
Dr Sally Blackburn-Daniels (GOTH Co-ordinator, 2019-2022)
Dr Clare Taylor (Steering Committee, 2019-2022)