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Seminar Series

Locating gendered relationships in digital space

Funded by British Psychological Society Research Seminar Series Grant

Drawing on critical psychological perspectives, this seminar series examined the phenomenon of social media practices through the lens of gender and relationships. Efforts to explore and conceptualise women’s routine engagement in digital spaces has, notably, been marked by negative characterisations in both academic and popular arenas. While research in these areas is burgeoning, much less has been said about positive engagements or how digital technological practices can support or translate into relationships more generally. The key aim of this seminar series was to facilitate the development of knowledge across these areas by bringing together researchers and practitioners to generate discussion around interdisciplinary dialogues rooted in psychological concerns.

This seminar series consisted of three seminars focussed around the curation of women and girls digital lives and addressed topics raised in relation to three distinct but related areas. Follow the links below to find out more about each of the seminars and see copies of the presentations.

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