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Arts-based Methodologies for Global Challenges Seminar Videos

‘Text, textiles and visual art: interdisciplinary approaches to Creative Writing’

Dr Heather Richardson - The Open University (FASS)

Dr Richardson presentation discusses two projects that explore how sharing approaches from different disciplines can enhance the learning experience for students and other participants. ‘Creative Interactions’ was a scholarship of teaching and learning (SoTL) project that brought together undergraduate students on Art History and Creative Writing modules to find out how working with the approaches of a different discipline could lead to deeper and more engaged learning. ‘Stiches and Stories’ was a community sewing event inspired by a major research project into division and segregation in post-conflict Belfast.

‘Sensing the Anthropocene’

Zsófia Szonja Illés - MOME - Moholy-Nagy University of Design

Zsófia Szonja Illés presents some of her artwork and research that explores sensory ways of embodied engagement with more-than-human landscape and natural phenomena – that would otherwise often remain inaccessible to human experience. She will present an ecological soundscape work from Barcelona (2021) and a Sensory Mapping course that she led at KISD University in Cologne this Spring.

‘SciArt Ecosystems: Illustrations for Effective Engagement’

Vicky Bowskill - The Open University (STEM)

Eye-catching visuals are a highly effective way to communicate science to non-scientists and scientists alike. And they really come into their own on social media, newsletter and presentations. In this short talk we will look at four examples of illustrated posters that have proved effective in engaging stakeholders. We’ll cover how they were produced, collaborating with other academics to translate technical information into a visual format, how they were used and how they were received by the target audience.

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