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New Voices In Classical Reception Studies

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New Voices In Classical Reception Studies

ISSN 1750-6581

Classical Reception Studies is a rapidly developing field of research. There is a growing number of new scholars investigating issues of reception of classical texts, ideas, performance, and material culture across different cultural contexts and in different media.

This ejournal site aims to provide a showcase for scholars who have reached the stage where they wish to publish the results of their research. We particularly encourage research that crosses discipline boundaries.

Papers contributed to the site will be subject to peer review before they can be accepted for publication. Comments from the anonymous reviewers and editors will be made available to authors whether or not their papers are accepted for publication. Refereed publications are of course of particular importance to those starting out on an academic career or those feeling their way in an academic area of research outside their usual discipline.

Readers' responses will be welcomed and will be passed to the originating author

We aim to publish annually in the Summer.

The editor of New Voices, Dr Trevor Fear, sadly passed away in early 2023. Please direct any queries about the journal to Dr Joanna Paul.

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