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Covid-19 and migrant health workers: risks and responses

Migrant workers are of substantial and growing significance in many countries’ health and social care systems. Their experiences during the on-going Covid-19 pandemic, including the impacts on them of responses to the pandemic, have not been fully appreciated.

This project starts to fill these data gaps and is responding to demand by global policy actors for evidence about their experiences and impacts. By charting the pressures on migrant health workers, the risks they face and the collective responses to Covid-19, we are informing advocacy initiatives on migrants’ rights to safe workplaces and decent working conditions. Our work is also informing on-going discussions as to how to strengthen the health workforce in a manner fully consistent with international recruitment, employment and occupational health and safety norms.

This project is a research partnership between The Open University, led by Professor Nicola Yeates, and Public Services International, led by Genevieve Gencianos. It enjoyed the collaboration and support of Dr Jane Pillinger, Catherine Vaillancourt-Laflamme, Sarah Tipping, Dr. Vicky Murphy, Dr. Carlos Montoro, Dr. Nashwa Ismail, Gihan Ismail and Blossom Carrasco. The project has benefited from informal dialogue with the Health Workforce Department of the World Health Organisation.

How has Covid-19 impacted upon global health care workforces? What lessons can be learnt?

Strengthening the rights of migrant health workers: lessons from the pandemic

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